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Only in the Philippines 2: Famous Volcanoes

Created by euab

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mountains & Volcanoes
Only in the Philippines 2 Famous Volcanoes game quiz
"My country, the Philippines, has many active and non-active volcanoes. Active or not the Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations. Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the most famous among the Philippine volcanoes because of its almost perfect cone-shape?
    Mt. Krakatoa
    Mt. Province
    Mt. Fuji
    Mayon Volcano

2. Which Philippine volcano is considered to have recorded the second largest volcanic eruption in the world in the 20th century?
    Mt. Piece
    Mt. Everest
    Mt. Pinatubo
    Mt. Zambales

3. Considered the world's smallest active volcano, what is the name of this volcano which can be found in the Philippines?
    Mt. Bansot
    Mt. Pandak
    Mt. Taal
    Mt. Unano

4. What is the name of the volcano which is located on the small island of Camiguin?
    Mt. Ranges
    Mt. Tibok-Tibok
    Mt. Hibok-Hibok
    Mt. Spratlys

5. Another active volcano, it was named after a Visayan supreme god whose name means "One who is the ruler of time"?
    Mt. Kanlaon
    Mt. Diyosa
    Mt. Visayan
    Mt. Dyos-dyosan

6. What is the highest mountain volcano in the Philippines?
    Mt. Lolalolo
    Mt. Tita
    Mt. Apo
    Mt. Tito

7. What is considered as the "holy mountain" volcano in the Philippines?
    Mt. Banahaw
    Mt. Agimat
    Mt. Mystica
    Mt. Mahiwaga

8. What was considered as the most active underwater volcano in the Philippines?
    Mt. Butanding
    Mt. Dequey
    Mt. Siwisiwi
    Mt. Aralem

9. In which province in the Philippines can you find Mt. Arayat?

10. What is considered to be the fourth most active volcano in the Philippines?
    Mt. St. Helens
    Mt. Regions
    Mt. Rainier
    Mt. Bulusan

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