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Bhutan - Asia's Forgotten Gem

Created by Christinap

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Bhutan  Asias Forgotten Gem game quiz
"Few people know much about the Kingdom of Bhutan, yet it is rich in both spectacular scenery and biodiversity."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Bhutan is completely landlocked. Which two countries does it border?
    India and Bangladesh
    Pakistan and China
    China and Afghanistan
    India and China

2. Bhutan has received international acclaim for conservation. Of the following which would you not find in Bhutan?
    Bengal tiger
    Snow leopard
    Siberian tiger
    Tibetan wolf

3. On the subject of wildlife, what is Bhutan's national animal?
    Clouded leopard
    Bengal tiger
    Sloth bear

4. Bhutan has many rivers but they all empty, eventually, into one single river in India. Which river?

5. Although it's still a poor country, Bhutan does have some industries. What is its major export to India?
    Hydro-electric power

6. All over Bhutan there are monks and nuns with shaved heads and maroon robes, To what religion do they belong?

7. While Bhutan has its own currency, the ngultrum, which currency of another country is widely used?
    American dollar
    Chinese yuan
    British pound sterling
    Indian rupee

8. Bhutan has earned itself the nickname of Druk Yul due to the fierce storms that roll down from the Himalayan Mountains. What does Druk Yul translate as?
    Land of the Roaring Tiger
    Land of the Thunder Dragon
    Land of the Drunken Yak
    Land of Sleeping Giant

9. A Royal Government Policy ratified in 1974, deemed that 60% of the country must be permanently covered by what vegetation?
    Savanna grasslands
    Broad leaf pines

10. In 2006 how did "Business Week" magazine describe Bhutan?
    Poorest country in Asia
    Happiest country in Asia
    Wettest country in Asia
    Most isolated country in Asia

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