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Renaissance Odds and Ends

Created by thejazzkickazz

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Renaissance Odds and Ends game quiz
"If you love the Renaissance, perhaps this is the quiz for you..."

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1. Which man of the Renaissance wrote 'On the Ascent of Mt. Ventoux', a famous work of nature writing?
    Da Vinci

2. Which Renaissance man wrote about the genealogy of the Greek gods, the first modern study of Greek myth?
    Da Verona

3. Which of the following was a famed biographer of Renaissance artists?

4. 'One Secret', by Petrarch, is a dialogue between the author and which individual of ancient times?
    St. Augustine

5. Who has been called the 'father of Italian painting'?
    Da Vinci

6. What was the name of the political faction in Florence that was opposed to the Ghibellines and loyal to the papacy?
    Answer: (One Word)

7. When the pope moved his entire entourage to Avignon from Rome in 1305, what did many church faithful term this period?
    Gallic schism
    Memphite crisis
    Babylonian captivity
    Turkish period

8. Which church council brought the 'Great Schism' to an end?
    Council of Milan
    Council of Constance
    Council of Nicea
    Council of Trent

9. Which Renaissance great, who became chancellor of the Florentine Signorie in 1375, was the patron of such disciples as Poggio and Bruno, and invited one of the first Greek scholars, Manuel Chrysoloras, into Florence in 1391?
    Pico Della Mirandola
    Giovanni Cassini
    Andrea Castagno
    Coluccio Salutati

10. Running a school called 'La Giocosa' (The House of Joy), who is considered the greatest humanist schoolmaster of the Renaissance?
    Alberico Gentili
    Tomaso Guidi
    Georgio Lippi
    Vittorino Da Feltre

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Compiled Jun 28 12