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Facts on Famous Movie Stars

Created by Creedy

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Facts on Famous Movie Stars game quiz
"Here are ten facts on ten famous performers - on the people behind the characters they played on the screen. Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Because he was ill at the time, Gary Cooper couldn't attend the ceremony to accept his Academy Award for the 1952 movie "High Noon". He asked a good friend, a fellow actor, to accept it on his behalf instead. Who was this friend, pilgrims?
    Meg Ryan
    James Stewart
    John Wayne

2. Which physical condition prevented actor and comedian Jerry Lewis (born 1926) from fighting in any of the services during the second world war?

    He was too young.
    He had a heart murmur.
    He was too old.
    He was a conscientious objector.

3. Why was actress Betty Grable (1916-1973), aged in her very early teens, fired from her second film?

    She became a nun.
    She was away having a driving test.
    She was underage.
    She didn't have any teeth.

4. Dick Van Dyke's cockney accent for his role in the 1964 film "Mary Poppins" has been criticised ever since as the "worst ever accent in a film". What did Dick put his accent failure down to?

    He had laryngitis for ten years.
    His Russian ancestry.
    His Scottish ancestry.
    He had an Irish voice coach.

5. Here's an eerie fact for you. Actress Elizabeth Montgomery (1933-95) made a movie called "The Legend of Lizzie Borden" in 1975, in which she plays the lead role of the infamous murderess (1860-1927). Unknown to her, what was discovered by a genealogist, after Elizabeth's death in 1995?

    She and Lizzie Borden were related.
    Lizzie was Elizabeth's mother.
    She and Lizzie Borden were sisters.
    Lizzie was actually a man - and Elizabeth's father.

6. Comedian Red Skelton was interested in all forms of acting. On winning a very small dramatic role with a stock theatre company however, and still in his early teens, what happened when he went onstage and started delivering his lines?

    The audience left.
    He was sacked.
    Nobody was in the audience.
    The audience kept laughing.

7. Fred MacMurray, at the height of his career, was the highest paid star in Hollywood, and the fourth highest paid American. For which frugal personality quirk was this fine actor known?

    His wonderful generosity
    His insistence in being paid in cold, hard cash
    Taking a packed lunch to work
    His diet of raw fish

8. In 2005, which leafy, community site was named after veteran actor Ernest Borgnine, in his home town of Hamden, Connecticut, to honour the great actor's work?

    A hotel
    A dentist surgery
    A nursing home
    A park

9. Rita Hayworth was known as the Love Goddess during the pinnacle of her fame in the 1940s. Which film in particular, said to be her best and in which she had the starring role, helped cement this title?
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
    Count Dracula

10. Which famous actress of the 1940s became known as "the lady in the tutti-frutti hat"?
    Doris Day
    Sandra Bullock
    Hayley Mills
    Carmen Miranda

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