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Fun in the Forties

Created by invinoveritas

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The 1940s
Fun in the Forties game quiz
"Entertainment in the 1940s; Shows, movies, musicals, big bands. Nostalgia!"

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1. For anyone who remembers the 1940s, the era of Big Band Music must stand out as one of its greatest attractions.
Many of the most famous artists gave their services to entertain the troops at home and overseas, and some lost their lives as a result. Can you tell me the name of the band leader who disappeared in a plane crash in December 1944?
    Artie Shaw
    Irving Aaronson
    Harry Roy
    Glenn Miller

2. Still on the subject of performers who lost their lives in the service of their country, an English actor who starred with Gable and Leigh in 'Gone with the Wind' was killed in a plane crash. Who was he?
    Tyrone Guthrie
    Trevor Howard
    Leslie Howard
    Cyril Richard

3. This is a question most easily answered by British people! During World War II, there was an organisation set up to arrange tours by all kinds of performers to entertain the troops, no matter where they were serving. Known mainly by its initials, what was it called?

4. In the UK during the 1940s, people relied heavily on the BBC for entertainment. Many iconic radio shows were begun as a way of keeping up peoples' spirits during the war, and many ran for years after peace was declared. One such show was 'ITMA' which starred Tommy Handley. What did 'ITMA' stand for?
    It's That Man Again
    I'm the Mad Agent
    In the Mud Again
    Is the Money Available?

5. In America the entertainment business threw everything into helping win the war. Hollywood made hundreds of films designed to raise the spirits and foster a feeling of patriotism. One film that has stood the test of time was 'Holiday Inn', made in 1942. It featured Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, and one song from it has remained a top-seller ever since. What is it?
    White Christmas
    Bells of St Mary's
    Holiday Inn
    Sleigh bells

6. As his contribution to raising morale during the war, Sir Laurence Olivier directed and starred in a film version of one of Shakespeare's greatest History plays. The plot concerns a King who defeats an enemy against overwhelming odds. What is the name of the play/film?
    Richard III
    Henry V
    Henry IV

7. The 1940s weren't actually only about the war. Life went on afterwards and the entertainment industry kept on entertaining.
A film made in 1946 featured both real people and cartoon characters, and starred James Baskett. What is its name?
    Song of the South
    Song of Freedom
    Song of Bernadette
    Plantation Tales

8. In 1945, a young English actress famed for her beautiful eyes starred in a film called 'National Velvet'. Who was she?
    Maureen O'Hara
    Joan Collins
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Vivien Leigh

9. We mustn't forget books! One of the best known books written in the 1940s was by Kathleen Winsor. Set in the 17th century, it told the story of the rise of a poor girl through the ranks of society. It was considered pretty scandalous in its time, but was made into a film in 1947 and starred Linda Darnell and Cornell Wilde. What was it called?
    Diamond Lil
    Forever Amber
    Eternally Ruby
    Sapphire's Secret

10. One of the great features of television when I was a child was the number of cowboy shows available. My favourite concerned a man whose white horse was called 'Silver', and whose faithful Indian companion called him 'Kemo Sabe'. What was his name?
    Roy Rogers
    The Lone Ranger
    Buffalo Bill

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