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"Naruto" - Volume 13: "Chūnin Exam,Concluded"

Created by IKSOKRIPS

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Naruto  Volume 13 Ch363nin ExamConcluded game quiz
"For this quiz, I have prepared questions from the thirteenth "Naruto" volume, which contains chapters from 109 to 117. ENJOY!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Sasuke VS Gaara match was planned to be held, on the third exam of Chuunin Exams, as the second match. But it didn't go as planned. As which match was it actually held?
    As the second match
    As the fourth match
    As the third match
    It didn't take place at all

2. Before Gaara got down to the arena for his match with Sasuke, he encountered two Ninja who wanted him to lose his match, whom he killed. But, from which village were the two Ninja?
    Hidden Moon Village
    Hidden Waterfall Village
    Hidden Grass Village
    Hidden Rain Village

3. Sasuke copied Lee's speed and by doing so he was able to use his Taijutsu.

4. Who wanted to stop the match between Sasuke and Gaara?
    Rock Lee
    Sakura Haruno
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Genma Shiranui

5. The Chidori, is a technique specially for...
    ...cutting bolts of lightning
    ...breaking through

6. Who was jealous of Sasuke, in his fight against Gaara?
    Kiba Inuzuka
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Rock Lee

7. Who started the Invasion of the Leaf village?
    Kabuto Yakushi
    Orochimaru, disguised as the Kazekage
    The Sound Four, disguised as the Kazekage's bodyguards

8. Which Barrier Ninjutsu did the Sound Four used to trap the Third Hokage?
    Barrier Encampment Method
    Four-Corner Sealing Barrier
    Four Black Fog Battle Formation
    Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment

9. "When I saw him as a child, there was one thought going through my head... that he wasn't human. It was as if he was just wearing a human shape... I was afraid..." - who said these frightening words?
    Might Guy
    Anko Mitarashi
    Ibiki Morino
    Kakashi Hatake

10. Kakashi sent Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru on a A-Rank mission, to go after Sasuke and stop him. He also sent one of his Ninja Dogs. Which one one was it?
    Answer: (Six Letter Word)

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