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Created by postal315

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JudgeNot game quiz
"Reality TV courtroom dramas, do you know who the bailiffs are? Try to match them up in this quiz, no jail time involved. Some questions will ask for the name of the judge also."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This bailiff often adds his quips and jokes to the proceedings. He's known to have a soft spot for pretty girls. He works for Judge Mathis.

2. This bailiff often gets pulled into the proceedings by the litigants. To his credit, he doesn't respond. He works for Judge Lynn Toler.

3. Only one show has a "man on the street" segment. The contested topic is discussed briefly, and opinions given before returning to the courtroom.
Which show is this?
    Judge Judy
    Judge Joe Brown
    Judge Alex
    The People's Court

4. This bailiff accepts evidence in a very slow, bored manner. He seems to want to be anywhere but here. One of his tasks is looking up the blue book value of vehicles.
He works for Judge Judy.

5. Judge Alex is a judge who used to be a cop. He tries to maintain a sense of humor in his courtroom, Sometimes the cases are so funny that everyone is laughing, but he quickly reminds the court that the law is serious business. Who is his bailiff?

6. As far as courtroom proceedings go, how do most judges handle a litigant who just continues to talk, even after being told to be quiet?
    made to testify last
    charged with contempt
    told to take a seat
    fined for improper procedure

7. This bailiff is the one of the few female bailiffs. Her judge is extremely polite to her. She can be heard admonishing the litigants to listen to the judge.
    Miss Sonya
    Miss Inga
    Miss Tanya
    Miss Vanya

8. This bailiff is often heard swearing in the litigants. He is very quiet, perhaps because his judge often hollers at people.
Who is the bailiff for Judge Millian?

9. One judge in particular is very strict about proper clothing and speech in the courtroom. Even the litigants posture comes under fire. "Unfold your arms" and "stand still" are often heard in the courtroom. Which judge insists on decorum?
    Judge Alex
    Judge Toler
    Judge Milian
    Judge Judy

10. One judge has made it his mission statement to say "I'm promoting manhood and supporting womanhood." He will also comment on how many children a woman has, or the level of schooling the men have completed. Which judge uses cases as a teaching opportunity?
    Judge Joe Brown
    Judge Mathis
    Judge Alex
    Judge Clark

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Compiled Jun 28 12