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The Amazing Equator

Created by Christinap

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The Amazing Equator game quiz
"The Equator is an imaginary line that cuts the world in half. Here are some questions about it and countries through which it passes."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Part of the largest of the Galapagos Islands lays directly on the Equator. What is the name of this island?
    Santa Cruz
    Ferdinand Island
    Isabela Island
    Catherine Island

2. In which country does the equator pass some 32km south of the capital, Kampala?

3. Which African lake, named for a British Queen, does the Equator pass through?
    Lake Elizabeth
    Lake Berengaria
    Lake Adelaide
    Lake Victoria

4. In South America the Equator is close to Quito, capital of Ecuador. In which mountain range is this situated?
    The Rockies
    The Ozarks
    The Appenines
    The Andes

5. If the Equator divides the world into Northern and Southern Hemispheres what is the name of the line that divides it into Eastern and Western Hemispheres?
    Tropic of Cancer
    The Time Line
    Tropic of Capricorn
    The Prime Meridian

6. In east Africa there is a country that sits on the Equator and is famous for its animal-rich national parks. Which country is this?
    South Sudan

7. This equatorial country in South America has many industries, but is sadly famous for its cocaine trade. Its capital city is Bogota. What's the name of the country?

8. This country is Africa's second smallest nation and lies very close to the Equator, off the coast of Gabon in the Gulf of Guinea. Formerly a Portuguese colony, its main exports are coffee and cocoa. What is its name?
    The Maldives
    Equatorial Guinea
    Sao Tome and Principe

9. The next equatorial country is found in South America and is the 5th largest country in the world. Its official language is Portuguese and it has one of the world's fastest growing economies. If I tell you that one of its most famous landmarks is Sugar Loaf Mountain, can you tell me which country this is?

10. Pontianak, in the Republic of Indonesia, lies almost exactly on the equator. On which of this country's many islands is it located? (Hint: It is the third biggest island in the world.)

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Compiled Jul 08 12