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The Road More Traveled

Created by invinoveritas

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : British Roads & Motorways
The Road More Traveled game quiz
"One of the most traveled roads in the UK is the M25 orbital road that encircles London. It carries traffic through and around the many sizeable towns and villages that comprise Greater London. This quiz is about some of them."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. On the whole, London is a very green city with extensive parks and open spaces, the largest of which is actually a forest which is conserved and administered by the City of London Corporation. What is its name?
    Epping Forest
    Richmond Forest

2. In 1747 Horace Walpole began the construction of a house that marked the beginning of the Gothic Revival in England. The house is in Twickenham - what is its name?
    Ham House
    Chapel House
    Robin Hill
    Strawberry Hill

3. Harefield is a village in the north-west of the M25 circle. It is world famous for what?
    Its shopping centre
    Its zoo
    Its hospital
    Its theatre

4. Bexley, in the south-east of the M25 circle, was the constituency of a former Prime Minister. Which one?
    Edward Heath
    James Callaghan
    Harold Macmillan
    John Major

5. Harrow on the Hill is situated well within the M25 boundary and is famous for one thing in particular...what is it?
    Its market
    Harrow School
    Its theatre
    Its cathedral

6. The largest Royal Park in London lies to the west and is famous for its deer.
The Royal Ballet School lies within its boundaries. Which park is this?
    Teddington Park
    Sheen Park
    Twickenham Park
    Richmond Park

7. Which London park, almost in the centre of the M25 circle, boasts some great museums and impressive architecture, and was chosen to host the 2012 London Olympic Equestrian Events?
    South Fields

8. Well inside the M25 is a certain world-renowned sports venue, which includes in its full name the words 'Croquet Club'. For which sport is it mainly famous?
    Lawn Tennis
    Real Tennis

9. Still on the subject of sport, London's most famous football stadium, first founded in 1923, was once known as the Empire Stadium. What do we know it as now?
    Emirates Stadium
    Selhurst Park
    Crystal Palace
    Wembley Stadium

10. Another of London's green lungs lies to the west in the M25 area. This place is home to one of the world's great botanical gardens as well as to the National Archives. What is its name?
    Gunnersbury Park
    Worcester Park
    Bushey Park

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