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"Zelda: Majora's Mask" - When Did It Happen?

Created by TheAwesome1

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Zelda Majoras Mask  When Did It Happen game quiz
"This is a quiz about when events happened in the amazing game "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" (N64). I hope you like it!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When do you help Kafei get the Sun's Mask from Sakon's Hideout?
    Day 1
    Day 3
    Day 2
    You never do.

2. When do you help Romani defend the barn from the aliens?
    Day 3
    Day 2
    Day 1
    Day 1 or 2

3. At approximately which hour will the barn be saved and the aliens die?
    5 AM
    7 AM
    5 PM
    7 PM

4. On what day will you ride with Cremia to deliver milk to Clock Town and shoot the bandits away from the carriage?
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Any day, depending on how you do it.

5. On what day and hour can you hear Anju and her mother talking to each other from the Knife Chamber?
    Day 2 around 9 PM
    Day 1 around 1 AM
    Day 3 at 9 PM
    The day before Day 1 at 12 AM

6. On day 1, Sakon will be hiding around the slide in North Clock Town at night. Around that time, the old lady from the bomb shop will be carrying a bag of bombs over to the bomb shop and will be attacked by Sakon. On what hour does the cut-scene begin of the theft of the bombs?
    None of these
    Exactly 1 AM
    Around 12 AM
    Around 9 PM

7. On what hour will Kafei arrive to Anju on the 3rd day?
    Around 2 AM
    Around 4 AM
    Around 3 AM
    He doesn't

8. When is the day of the wedding of Kafei and Anju?
    There is no wedding.
    Day 3
    Dawn of a New Day
    Day 2

9. When does the happy mask salesman give you Majora's mask?
    Dawn of a New Day
    The day before Day 1
    Day 3
    He doesn't

10. Which of the following has nothing to do with Kafei and Anju's sidequest?
    The man from Curiosity Shop
    The Mailman
    The Skull Kid

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Compiled Jun 28 12