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Telephone Booths According to Bob

Created by Creedy

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Telephone Booths According to Bob game quiz
"I live across the road from Bob. He's fascinated by telephone booths. He comes over all the time to tell me about them. Perhaps you may find them as interesting as he does. Hello, hello, are you still there?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. My neighbour Bob insists that the television character Dr Who travels around in a British police phone booth called Stardust. Well that's how he pronounced it anyhow. What was he trying to say?

2. One day my neighbour Bob asked conversationally, "Did you know that telephone booths inside hotels were once known as Silence Cabinets?" Is this true?

3. "Many public phones in the United States are no longer enclosed in cabinets," announced my neighbour Bob on Monday. Then he told me why. Do you know?
    To provide greater access for people with disabilities
    They cost too much to paint
    So bombs could no longer be hidden in them
    They created a wave of claustrophobia attacks

4. On Tuesday, my neighbour Bob shook his head sadly and remarked, "It's a shame about the great decrease in the number of telephone booths from the 1990s on". Then he elaborated further. What was the reason for this decrease?
    Mobile phones
    Television sets

5. "They're phreaking idiots!" suddenly shouted my neighbour Bob one day, "Phreaking idiots!" I jumped violently. Who on earth was he referring to in such violent terms?
    The taxation department
    Faulty traffic lights
    Divorce lawyers
    Phone phreakers who hack into phone systems

6. On Thursday, my talkative neighbour Bob told me all about the history of the first telephone booth and the name it was given in Germany. This intrigued me somewhat and I made the mistake of asking him to repeat it. This he did - eleven times. What is the German word for a telephone booth?

7. Bob, my chatty neighbour, announced yesterday morning that some countries in the world have started to shut down all telephone booths. In fact, he said, one middle eastern country had already done so by 2012. Which country was this?
    New Zealand

8. Yesterday afternoon Bob, my garrulous neighbour, began by asking me what is it illegal to do in telephone booths in England?
    The Hornpipe
    Thump Irishmen
    Meet the Queen

9. Bob, my verbose neighbour, informed me this morning that Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, a famous English architect, was the man who designed Britain's familiar red telephone boxes. That's what they call them there. What else did Scott design?
    The Taj Mahal
    Buckingham Palace
    Liverpool Cathedral and Battersea Power Station
    Grand Central Station

10. My neighbour Bob should be awarded a university degree with his knowledge of telephone booths. He told me an hour ago that the Mojave National Preserve in California had only one telephone booth up until the year 2000, but that it wasn't much use. Why was this?
    It wasn't connected
    It was miles away from any areas of population
    It was stolen by aliens
    A giant cactus grew up through it

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Compiled Dec 27 13