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Nobody's Fool

Created by mariannafunk

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Nobodys Fool game quiz
"One of Paul Newman's greatest, later in life performances, with a great supporting cast. This is a gem to watch, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with a little snow on the ground."

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1. Where is the movie set?
    North Bath, NY
    Greenville, CT
    White Plains, NY
    Lawrence, NY

2. Jessica Tandy plays Ms. Beryl Peoples, Paul Newman's landlady, and they live in an old Victorian house. What does she use to get in touch with Donald "Sully" Sullivan, played by Paul Newman, and how does she use it?
    She taps her broom handle on the ceiling below his bedroom.
    She calls him on his cell phone.
    She goes upstairs and knocks on his door.
    She uses a buzzer in the hallway.

3. Who does Sully refer to as "the Bank"?
    Charlotte Sullivan
    Carl Roebuck
    Wirf Wirfley
    Clive Peoples, Jr.

4. What does Sully do for a living and who works with him, primarily?
    The town's diner with Rub.
    Landscaping and Wirf
    Construction and Rub
    He doesn't work.

5. Right before Thanksgiving, Sully is doing some rather hard labor for Carl and, in the process, he gets a flat tire while throwing cinder blocks into the back of his truck. What does Sully fantasize about throwing instead?
    Throwing Carl Roebuck out of a window from two stories up
    Throwing Carl Roebuck out of his truck
    Throwing Carl Roebuck off a cliff
    Throwing Carl Roebuck into wet cement

6. After Sully's truck breaks down, he is limping down the road and hitchhiking back to town. A car pulls over and it is his son Peter, played by Dylan Walsh. He is bringing his family to visit his mother for Thanksgiving. Sully accepts a ride and gets in the car. Peter and his wife have two boys. Peter introduces the Sully to the boys as their Grandfather. One of the boys is named Wacker. When Sully asks why the boy is called Wacker, what happens?
    Wacker hits Sully really hard on his bad knee and Sully demands that Peter stop the car so he can get out.
    Wacker jumps on Sully's knee and Sully demands that Peter stop the car so he can get out.
    Wacker spits at Sully and Sully spits back.
    Wacker makes a face at Sully and Sully makes a face back.

7. Peter gets laid off from his job at the university and separates from his wife, each of them taking one son. Peter takes Will. Peter decides to stay in Bath for a while and Sully offers him some work doing construction. On their first day, they are at the town diner. Peter asks for a jelly donut and there aren't anymore. Who has the last jelly donut before Peter comes into the diner?

8. Sully, Carl and Will go to Sully's old house for a possible construction job. Sully asks Will if he wants to come in or wait outside, because the house is falling apart and might be dangerous. Will decides to wait outside. Sully and Carl get caught up in Sully's bad memories of the way his father abused his mother and they forget about Will. Will gets scared and wants to go back to his father. Later Sully visits Will and gives him something. What does he give him?
    a jelly donut
    a Doberman
    a stop watch
    a flashlight

9. Sully and Toby are attracted to one another. As Sully says several time, "She's the best lookin' woman in Bath." They run into each other throughout the movie and flirt. At one point, Sully comes to the TipTop Construction Company where Carl works and is looking for Carl but Toby is there. When Sully asks for Ruby and Toby tells him she is no longer there, Sully jokes that Ruby used to flash him with her underwear. Toby flashes her breasts at Sully.

10. Sully steals Carl's snowblower in lieu of payment for money Carl owes him. Carl steals it back and chains it behind a chain link fence at the TipTop, guarded by a Doberman. Peter runs into Sully and helps him steal back the snowblower. What do they do to the Doberman to subdue him before they climb the fence?
    They buy ground beef, give it to the dog and the dog becomes friendly.
    They do not have to do anything. The dog is friendly.
    They shoot the dog with a tranquilizer gun and he dies accidentally.
    They buy ground beef, stuff it with tranquilizers and give it to the dog.

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Compiled Jun 28 12