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It's Christopher, Not Chris

Created by doublemm

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Its Christopher Not Chris game quiz
"Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends (if I may be so bold), this quiz pays tribute to one of the great and controversial public intellectuals of our time. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Christopher Hitchens."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Christopher Hitchens has described the loving relationship he had with his mother, but the relationship with his father is portrayed as being less affectionate. What name does Christopher invariably use to refer to his father, which reflects his strictness as well as his role in the navy?
    The Commander
    The Colonel
    The Commissioner
    The Corporal

2. What is the name of Christopher Hitchens' younger brother, who has worked as a columnist for the "Daily Mail" and is viewed as holding opposing views to Christopher on religion and many political issues?

3. In perhaps his best known publication, 'God Is Not Great', Christopher Hitchens puts forward his argument against organised religion. Anyone who is familiar with Christopher Hitchens will be aware that he was an atheist, but what term does Hitchens prefer to use to describe his religious views?

4. A man whom Christopher Hitchens admired was a man who also shared his birthday, was the subject of one of his books, and was one of the founding fathers of America. Who is this man?
    Thomas Jefferson
    George Orwell
    Thomas Paine
    Noam Chomsky

5. Christopher Hitchens was also outspoken about Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, following his issuing of a fatwa against the novelist and close friend of Hitchens, Salman Rushdie. In which magazine, which Hitchens was a long time columnist for, did he write an article entitled 'Assassins of the Mind' in defense of his friend, Salman Rushdie?
    The Nation
    Vanity Fair
    The National Journal
    The Spectator

6. One of Christopher Hitchens' more peculiar claims to fame is the conjecture that he was the inspiration for the alcoholic journalist character Peter Fallow. In which Tom Wolfe novel does this character feature?
    Bonfire of the Vanities
    I Am Charlotte Simmons
    Back to Blood
    A Man in Full

7. In 2003, Christopher Hitchens angered many of his comrades on the left when he showed support for which action taken by the US?
    The raising of taxes
    The war in Iraq
    The re-election of George W. Bush
    The introduction of a new healthcare bill

8. One of Christopher Hitchens' earliest books was The Missionary Position, in which he criticised a much-loved figure whom most associate with charity and help for the poor. Which person was the subject of this book, whom Hitchens criticised for her opposition to contraception and her contribution to the cycle of poverty?
    Lady Diana Spencer
    Golda Meir
    Barbara Bush
    Mother Theresa

9. When asked, "What can you not travel without?" and "What is your favourite brand of whiskey?" Christopher Hitchens replied, "I don't see the difference between the two questions". Which brand of whiskey does Christopher Hitchens class as his favourite, describing it as the "breakfast of champions"?
    Johnnie Walker Black Label
    The Glenlivet
    Powers Gold Label

10. On December 15th 2011, Christopher Hitchens passed away from the disease he was diagnosed with just as he was about to embark on the promotion tour for his memoir. What name, a play on a Joseph Heller book title, did Hitchens give to his memoirs?
    Hitch 22
    The Hitch Is Back
    The Seven Year Hitch
    A Hitch with an Itch

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Compiled Jun 28 12