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"The Hunger Games" Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Created by nonchalont

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The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins game quiz
"This is my first quiz. Hope you enjoy it!"

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1. In "Mockingjay", what does Katniss sing to Pollux in the woods?
    Safe and Sound
    Eyes Open
    The Hanging Tree
    Deep in the Meadow

2. In "Mockingjay", what did the people of District 13 get punished for doing, because they were very efficient?
    Exploring outside
    Wasting anything
    Wandering around
    Not sticking to your timetable

3. In "Catching Fire", why did Katniss have a wound on her arm after the 75th "Hunger Games"?
    The wound formed when she was bitten by a beast
    She had been stabbed during the Bloodbath on the first day
    Johanna Mason removed her tracker before she left the arena
    She cut it when she fell on some thorns

4. On the last page of "Catching Fire", who says the quote, "Katniss, there is no District 12"?

5. In "Catching Fire", where were the people who won their Hunger Games meant to live?
    The Capitol
    District 1
    The Seam
    Victor's Village

6. In the third book, "Mockingjay" , what happened to the hospital in District 8 that Katniss visited?
    There was nobody there
    They were sent to the wrong place
    They didn't go to a hospital
    It was bombed

7. Where did Katniss's mother go when Prim died during the 2nd Rebellion, in "Mockingjay"?
    Back to district 12
    She went to the Capitol
    She stayed in Victor's Village
    A hospital in District 4

8. In "Catching Fire", why did Darius become an Avox?
    He stole from the merchants
    He protested against some laws
    He was caught hunting
    He tried to stop Gale from being whipped

9. Who is elected President of Panem following the death of President Snow in "Mockingjay"?
    Seneca Crane
    Plutarch Heavensbee
    President Coin
    Commander Paylor

10. How, in "Catching Fire", did Peeta manage to get a 12 in the training session?
    He threw a weight at the Gamemakers
    He painted Rue dead and covered in flowers
    He made camouflage and stayed in a spot for an hour
    He made himself into a cake

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