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Germany 1815-1914

Created by bloomsby

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Germany 18151914 game quiz
"The history of Germany in the second half of this period is fairly well known, but, that of the first half, rather less so. Test your knowledge and have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When did Germany FIRST become a unified country with a central government?
    Answer: (Year)

2. About how many states did the German Confederation (der Deutsche Bund) have when it was created in 1815?

3. Two states in the German Confederation were major European powers. One of these was Prussia. Which was the other?
    Answer: (one word)

4. In the period c. 1820-70 the German states were widely admired abroad not only for music, literature and philosophy but also for another achievement. Which of these was it?
    Engineering industry
    Education system
    Economic liberalism

5. Which German author enjoyed cult status in Germany from before the start of this period till 1860 and beyond?

6. Many states in the German Confederation were 'police states', especially in the period 1815-1848. What, however, did these nineteenth-century police states NOT do to those whom they regarded as subversives?
    Send them to concentration camps
    Censor their writings
    Keep them under close surveillance
    Try to prevent them from obtaining employment in the public sector

7. In 1848, German liberals, together with many conservative nationalists, elected a rebel Parliament. Where did it meet?
    Frankfurt am Main

8. When (approximately) did industrialization start in Germany, albeit on a very small scale?

9. Prussia was keen to advance its commercial development and to this end established the 'Zollverein', to which other German states also belonged. What kind of organization was this?
    Customs union
    Postal union
    Military alliance
    Transport system

10. Which politician is credited with the unification of Germany?
    Answer: (One Word - last name only)

11. In 1878, the German government used two unsuccessful assassination attempts on the Kaiser as an excuse to ban one of the opposition parties and seize its assets. The ban remained in force till 1890. What was this party?
    National Socialists
    Social Democrats

12. In 1897, Germany embarked on unsuccessful negotiations to form an alliance with another power. Which?
    The USA

13. From the late 1890s onwards, Germany antagonized Britain by doing which of these?
    Insulting British politicians
    Establishing a colonial empire
    Building a substantial navy
    Supporting Russian expansion in Asia

14. What was the elected parliament of Imperial Germany called?
    Answer: (One Word)

15. The Anglo-French "Entente Cordiale" of 1904 was intended as a means of "encircling" Germany.

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