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Animal Words!

Created by akajw

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hidden Words
Animal  Words game quiz
"Can you find the animals hiding in the sentences?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Can you make me an appointment for my car? I bought some new tires the other day and want to have them installed.
    Answer: (one word (7 letters))

2. That is really a remarkable mural you have chosen for that wall.
    Answer: (one word (5 letters))

3. After I made the order, it said please allow four-six weeks for delivery.
    Answer: (one word (4 letters))

4. Once we have finished touring Oslo, then we can take the ferry over to Copenhagen.
    Answer: (one word (5 letters))

5. I don't think he'll have any problem mingling with the crowd after the concert.
    Answer: (one word (7 letters))

6. I've been told that the common keys for guitar are C,D,A, G and E.
    Answer: (one word (6 letters))

7. I guess I should start studying, as I have a midterm in eighteen hours.
    Answer: (one word (6 letters))

8. You know if it clears up, it could turn out to be a very nice day!
    Answer: (one word (6 letters))

9. Before we head out on our hike tomorrow, we really should get a trail map and a compass.
    Answer: (one word (5 letters))

10. I just checked the schedule, and I think Bob is on call this weekend.
    Answer: (one word (5 letters))

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Compiled Jun 28 12