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Cities I'll Never Revisit

Created by habitsowner

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Cities Ill Never Revisit game quiz
""Revisit" means you've been there before. I've never been to any of these cities and I'd like to. Tell me which ones I may visit once, but "I'll Never REvisit"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Many years ago we planned a three week trip to Australia. Unfortunately, the air traffic controllers went on strike while we were enroute and instead, we landed in New Zealand. Since the strike was a week or so long, what city in Western Australia, that was likened to San Diego of an earlier time, did we have to delete from our itinerary?

2. At the end of our trip we had two extra days in Sydney, which was wonderful. We decided we wanted to see a sheep shearing and called on the travel agent. He lined us up with one inland from Sydney, by road about 400 km (249 miles) away. What is the name of the town to which we were heading?
    Leigh Creek
    Alice Springs

3. Ever since I read the book "Caravans" by Michener in the early 1960's, I've wanted to go to many cities in this country, but particularly the one in the southern part, that is the second largest, and where the Arghandab River runs along its west side. Alexander the Great is said to have laid out the foundation of its old town. Where did I want to visit?
    Kola Peninsula, Russia
    Guilin, China
    Bhopal, India
    Kandahar, Afghanistan

4. My grandmother always used to tell me to stop acting like a "Whirling Dervish". As a child I didn't know what that was, but later, when I found out, I knew I would like to go where they are and watch them whirl. What town - not one of the country's largest - in south central Turkey would I be wanting to visit to see them?

5. As long as I would already be in Turkey, it would be only right to not revisit the largest city in the country which has so many interesting things to see, such as more Whirling Dervishes. Where would I be, straddling two worlds, if I were seeing them?

6. Leaving that part of Asia for a more northerly part that I won't be able to revisit because time has passed me by for such a long, arduous, trip, but the town I can't revisit is one I would love to see because it is the one where the last Tsar and his family were assassinated. What town is that, please?
    Nizhniy Novgorod

7. If I had gone to the prior destination, I would have included this city in my visit by taking the Trans-Siberian railway to its eastern terminus. This is a port city situated on Golden Horn Bay. What city will I not be able to revisit?

8. From Asia I would fly to southern North America and visit a Mexican beach town on the Pacific coast. Had I done all the traveling I'd talked about I would want to rest and relax by the ocean. This is not as well known as usual Mexican resort areas that US citizens visit, but is further south, in the state of Oaxaca. What town is it that I won't be able to revisit?
    Puerto Penasco

9. After resting up, it sounds like a good idea to fly to a South American city in the southern mountains of this country, where I can learn a proper kind of Spanish at a school. Besides, there's so much to see in this town in the Ecuadorian mountains, including all the heritage buildings. What town, that is NOT the capital of the country, is it that I won't be revisiting?

10. The final town I won't be revisiting on this trip, is not a Spanish speaking town. It is in the north of a very large country in South America and was important during the rubber boom, when it had a number of very wealthy people living there. Wealthy enough that they built a magnificent opera house. What city will I not be revisiting?
    Campo Grande
    Porto Velho

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