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Titanic Tom: Great Musicians Called Tom

Created by thula2

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Titanic Tom Great Musicians Called Tom game quiz
"Some of my favourite musicians have been called Thomas, or one of its variants. Here's some stuff about my top ten Thomases."

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1. Sir Thomas John Woodward, who was born in the Welsh village Treforest, has been an international recording artist since the 1960s. Under what moniker has he thrilled audiences around the globe?
    Tommy Bolin
    Tommy Steele
    Tom Jones
    Tommy Lee

2. Thom Yorke is singer/guitarist in the hugely successful band Radiohead. What was their first single release, a big hit on its second release in 1993, that the band got so sick of they stopped playing it on later tours?
    Achy Breaky Heart
    Let's Get Rocked
    Rhythm Is a Dancer

3. Thomas G. Fischer is best known as founder member of Celtic Frost, an avant-garde heavy metal band. Their 1985 album, "To Mega Therion", featured artwork by fellow countryman H. R. Giger, famed for his set design on horror film "Alien". From whence do Thomas Fischer, Celtic Frost and Giger hail?
    North Korea

4. Tom Petersson is considered the first to have used a twelve string electric bass. It was built for him by Hamer Guitars him 1978 and first heard on the title track of "Heaven Tonight". What's the name our Tom's band?
    Cheap Trick
    Don Costa

5. This saxophonist Tommy was a pivotal member of prolific Jamaican band The Skatalites, who shaped the sound of the Channel One Studios in the 1970s, playing alongside Roland Alphonso. What was his name?
    Tom Robinson
    Tommy McCook
    Tommy Shaw
    Tommy Walker

6. Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts, who died at the age of 47, was lead guitarist in Oregonian hardcore punk band Poison Idea. They rather boastfully declared themselves "Kings Of Punk" on their debut album. In which decade did the band form?

7. Tom Jobin wrote one of the most often recorded songs of all time, "The Girl From Ipanema", in 1962 with the lyrics in Portuguese. The original title was also in Portuguese. What was that title?
    Ferch o Ipanema
    Our Lass Frum t' Ipanema
    Garota de Ipanema
    Mädchen aus Ipanema

8. Tommy Dorsey was a multi-talented American bandleader of the Big Band era. He was given a nickname due to his smooth trombone playing. What was it?
    El Reco
    The Duke
    The Sentimental Gentleman of Swing
    Trombone Shorty

9. Tom Araya has been bassist and frontman of thrash metal legends Slayer since their inception. In 1986 they released their third album, which was to become a metal classic despite clocking in at just under 29 minutes. What is the name of that landmark album?
    Reign In Blood
    Jazz From Hell
    The Queen Is Dead

10. This Thomas was born in California in 1949. He is an actor, composer, singer-songwriter and musician. His debut album, "Closing Time", came out in 1973 and was followed by albums such as "Heartattack and Vine" (1980), "Rain Dogs" (1985) and "The Black Rider" (1993). Who is this multi-talented Thomas?
    Tom Waits
    Tommy Stupid
    Tommy Tucker
    Tom Petty

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