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BBB Bible Series: Obadiah

Created by RedheadDane

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Obadiah
BBB Bible Series Obadiah game quiz
"Despite being only 21 verses long the Book of Obadiah is in no way unimportant. Danish 1992 and NIV Bibles were used for this quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the main theme of Obadiah?
    Promise of the Messiah
    Greed and mistreatment of the poor
    Doom over Edom
    A call to end idolatry

2. What have the people of Edom done?
    Been deceived by the pride of their hearts
    Failed to show compassion
    Put their trust in false gods
    Mocked the prophets

3. What do thieves, according to verse five, do?
    Ask for permission
    Burn everything
    Take it all
    Steal only what they want

4. According to verse 8, what shall be destroyed in Edom?

5. How did the Edomites react when Jerusalem was sacked, according to Obadiah?
    They ignored it all
    They tried to warn the Israelites
    They watched from a distance
    They were part of the attacking army

6. What have the Edomites done according to verses 12-14?
    Hosted huge parties while the poor starve
    Killed the prophets
    Sacrificed to idols
    Been gleeful about the fall of Jerusalem

7. According to Obadiah, what will return to the Edomites on their own heads?
    Endless drought
    A trade blockade
    Devastating wars
    Their own deeds

8. What shall Zion be, according to Obadiah?

9. In what manner will the house of Esau be destroyed, according to verse 18?
    Water - it will be levelled by a flood
    Earth - it will be buried in a mudslide
    Air - it will be taken away by a cyclone
    Fire - it will be burned to the ground

10. Whose shall the Kingdom be according to the very last line of Obadiah (NIV)?
    The Son of Man's
    The Lord's
    The Holy Spirit's
    The righteous ones'

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