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Combustion for Kids!

Created by WesleyCrusher

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Combustion for Kids game quiz
"Combustion is a big and scientific word for burning something. Do you know just how it works?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. For something to burn, you need fuel and air. Which part of air is needed to sustain a fire?
    Carbon dioxide

2. For a fire to start, you need a third factor beyond air and fuel - which one?

3. Most fires release smoke which tends to rise upwards. Why does it do that?
    The visible light of the fire pushes away the smoke
    The sun pulls the smoke towards it
    Gravity does not function in a fire
    Hot air is lighter than cold air

4. Sometimes combustion can even take place without air. Why is this possible?
    All hot substances vaporize and thus create air
    If you have enough fuel, you need less air
    A fire can always burn for a few seconds without air
    Other substances can take the role of the air

5. If a particularly fast combustion takes place in a tightly enclosed space, which of the following is often the result?
    An explosion
    A meltdown
    A wildfire
    A lightning bolt

6. One visible sign of combustion is a flame. Flames can have many different colors, but which of these is the hottest? (It is the color that you would most associate with cold.)
    A yellow flame
    An orange flame
    A red flame
    A blue flame

7. Combustion also takes place in many everyday applications. Which of the following does NOT rely on combustion to function?
    A computer
    An airplane
    A rifle

8. Sometimes engineers speak of an "internal combustion engine". This is a pretty big term for something you have surely seen before - what could they be talking about?
    A human being
    A gas stove
    A rocket
    A car engine

9. Fire extinguishers are used to stop an unwanted combustion - a damaging fire. Which of these would NOT be of use in fighting small fires?
    A woolen blanket
    Laughing gas
    Carbon dioxide

10. If not controlled, fire is dangerous and kills people every day. What is the most common cause of death in fires (it is NOT burns)?
    Heart attacks
    Smoke poisoning
    Bleeding from wounds

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Compiled Jul 06 12