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Hip Hip Hooray!

Created by coachpauly

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Hip Hip Hooray game quiz
"There are many things that children get excited about. Can you unscramble some of them from the clues?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I would like some ACME RICE with my apple pie please momma!
    Answer: (Two Words (3 & 5 Letters, no punctuation))

2. Momma said we might go on vacation and stay at the COCA HOTEL. That means I can get lots of this favorite candy.
    Answer: (One Word (9 Letters))

3. Dad took a credit card and RAN IT to buy tickets for what transportation that is taking us on vacation?
    Answer: (One Word (5 Letters))

4. I really get excited when we visit Grandma on vacation. She buys my brother MAC SHIRTS every year on this holiday.
    Answer: (One Word (9 Letters))

5. It is fun to go racing downhill on my cool sled. But it is even more fun to spend time sledding with RED FINS.
    Answer: (One Word (7 Letters))

6. I hope I don't catch a DISEASE because after Christmas we are going to this place that has beaches.
    Answer: (One Word (7 Letters))

7. Momma likes eating out because she doesn't have to cook on vacation. Daddy pays the RIBS FEE at the restaurant but I like playing with this toy out on the beach.
    Answer: (One Word (7 Letters))

8. My daddy is an inventor and on vacation he came up with the idea for WIRE FORKS. Personally, I would rather go out to the pier and watch this New Year's Eve tradition.
    Answer: (One Word (9 Letters))

9. Six Flags is one of our last stops on our vacation. There they have what some people call the LOCALE TERRORS. I know that some of the rides go upside down but I think it is a funny name for this amusement park attraction.
    Answer: (One Word (13 Letters))

10. On the way home we pass the butchers, or what my dad calls the PART HOG SHOP. It was a great vacation. I am so glad that I have these to help me remember the adventures we had.
    Answer: (One Word (11 Letters))

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Compiled Jul 06 12