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A Little Equestrian Horseplay

Created by Plodd

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hidden Words by Theme
A Little Equestrian Horseplay game quiz
"Leap into the saddle and find the hidden word in each sentence which relates to anything equestrian."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I have been given some obscure information about the answer.
    Answer: (Four letters)

2. The editor eagerly awaited the author sending in her new manuscript.
    Answer: (Five letters)

3. The republican terminated his time in office when caught pilfering funds.
    Answer: (Six letters)

4. I ask the milkman every day to deliver a quart of cream.
    Answer: (Four letters)

5. I had a burning ambition to learn tap dancing.
    Answer: (Three letters)

6. The speaker will address ageism at the next senior citizens conference.
    Answer: (Eight letters)

7. The practice of yoga itself is very relaxing.
    Answer: (Four letters)

8. I received a receipt when the accountant acknowledged my cheque.
    Answer: (Four letters)

9. I noticed an even tinge of copper across his coat.
    Answer: (Eight letters)

10. Did you see the okapi affectionately rub his nose against the dance instructor?
    Answer: (Six letters)

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Compiled Jul 08 12