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Armageddon, Apocalypse, and Annihilation

Created by reedy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Dr Who' - Mixture
Armageddon Apocalypse and Annihilation game quiz
"The Doctor has saved our world (and the universe) from utter destruction innumerable times. Here are ten instances where his heroic efforts led to his 'death' and regeneration."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. William Hartnell, as the first Doctor, weakened and 'died' while preventing a diabolical plan to absorb all of our planet's energy to the Earth's sister planet Mondas. Which enemy race planned the Earth's destruction in this way?
    The Daleks
    The Sycorax
    The Silurians
    The Cybermen

2. The second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton, discovered a plot by a race of alien warlords to create an army by taking humans from various points in history. After forcing them to fight in simulated battles, the survivors would make their elite super army, enabling them to enslave the universe. Which Time Lord assisted the aliens?
    The Master
    The Inquisitor
    The Meddling Monk
    The War Chief

3. As the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee faced the Spider Queen of Metebelis Three in the serial "Planet of the Spiders". In the process of defeating their plan of domination through psychic control, what happened to the Doctor that prompted his regeneration?
    Deadly venom from a spider bite
    Exposure to the vacuum of space
    Mortally injured in a cave-in
    Radiation poisoning

4. The fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) faced a rival Time Lord in his last serial "Logopolis". When his machinations threatened the actual fabric of the universe, the two of them worked together to correct the problem, but at the end, the Doctor fell from the Pharos Project radio telescope, triggering his regeneration. Who was the nemesis Time Lord?
    The Corsair
    The Inquisitor
    The Master

5. "The Caves of Androzani" was the serial in which the fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison, met his end and regeneration. In stopping a cataclysmic war between two planets, the Doctor encountered a pure form of a drug that slowly killed him. What was that drug called?

6. Colin Baker played the sixth Doctor, but in the serial where the sixth Doctor regenerated into the seventh, Sylvester McCoy played both parts. The 24th season of "Doctor Who" began with the serial "Time and the Rani", with the Doctor attacked by the evil Rani (who planned to capture all the greatest scientific minds in the universe) and 'dying' in the process. What or who was 'the Rani'?
    A race of evil lizard-people
    A renegade Time Lady
    A gigantic computer
    A centuries-old corporation

7. The beginning of the 1996 "Doctor Who" television movie saw seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy crash-land the TARDIS in San Francisco' Chinatown while transporting the remains of the executed Master to Gallifrey. In what ignominious manner was his regeneration triggered?
    A botched heart surgery
    Assaulted in a mugging
    A hit-and-run driver
    Choked in a restaurant

8. How did Paul McGann, as the eighth Doctor, meet his end and subsequent regeneration?
    In the backlash of ending the Time War.
    When the TARDIS crashed in Antarctica.
    He was caught in a Dalek trap.
    He crashed onto the planet Karn and drank a potion to choose a new incarnation

9. A gigantic Dalek invasion fleet threatened the Earth once again as the ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) fought against them. What happened to the Doctor after the Daleks were defeated that triggered another regeneration?
    He absorbed the time vortex
    He was electrocuted when the TARDIS short-circuited
    A Dalek 'exterminated' him before dying itself
    He activated the 'Delta Wave', killing himself along with all the Daleks

10. David Tennant, as the tenth Doctor, sacrificed himself to save a human from certain death right after he saved the Earth from another old enemy, who transformed the entire human race into clones of himself before being defeated by the Doctor. Who was this enemy?
    Answer: (Two Words with 'The' --- 'The ______')

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