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"Boy Meets World": The Best TV Show on Earth

Created by DanceinGirl

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Boy Meets World The Best TV Show on Earth game quiz
"My first quiz! It's all about "Boy Meets World", from season one to the last season. Hope you guys enjoy :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In season 1, which nerdy character has a crush on Topanga?

2. Cory and Topanga have been dating most of their lives. When they get older do they ever get married?

3. Why does Topanga want to wait to get married when they run off in season six?
    She wants family there
    She wants to have her wedding somewhere else
    She isn't ready for the commitment
    She changes her mind about Cory

4. Who plays Stuart in the episode "Everybody Loves Stuart" in season 6?
    Fred Savage
    Rider Strong
    Ben Savage
    William Russ

5. Where do Feeny and the dean get married?
    The student union
    Cory's parents' house
    They never get married
    A local church

6. Why do Topanga's parents split up in season 6?
    Jedidiah was too critical
    Topanga's mom met someone else
    Jedidiah met someone else
    Topanga's mom was cheating on her dad

7. How many seasons of this show is there?

8. Who says the last line in the final episode of "Boy Meets World"?
    Mr. Feeny

9. What are the final words in the last episode?
    "See you next year"
    "You're dismissed"
    "I will never forget you"
    "Class dismissed"

10. What does Eric give Feeny in part one of "Brave New World"?
    His Feeny puppet
    A cake
    An Eric doll

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Compiled Apr 20 13