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Life with the Ingalls Family

Created by illiniangel

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Little House..' Mixture
Life with the Ingalls Family game quiz
"These are questions about "Little House on the Prairie"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Whose stories is "Little House on the Prairie" based on?
    Laura Ingalls Wilder
    Nellie Olsen
    Mary Jane Ingalls
    Caroline Ingalls

2. What animal was thought to have given rabies to the family dog, Jack?

3. Where did Mary work when she became an adult?
    Post office
    Walnut Grove School
    School for the blind

4. What actor played Charles Ingalls?
    Tom Selleck
    Michael Landon
    Merlin Olsen
    Victor French

5. Why did Mrs. Olsen choose Nancy as the little girl that she wanted to adopt?
    Nancy was nasty and mean just like Nellie used to be.
    She felt sorry for her.
    She was so sweet.
    Mr. Olsen was the one to choose.

6. What was Albert doing when Laura first met him?
    Running from a scary man
    Stealing newspapers and money
    Shining shoes
    Fighting with a teacher

7. What caused Mary to go blind?
    She had scarlet fever.
    She was born that way.
    She was kicked by a horse
    She was not blind.

8. Who was the mute man who helped the school children make a bell for the church?
    John Jones
    Tiny Smith
    Mr. Edwards
    Tinker Jones

9. What did Charles think of Laura and Almanzo's relationship in the beginning?
    He thought that Laura was too old for Almanzo.
    He was happy for them.
    He thought that Almanzo was way too old for Laura.
    He didn't care.

10. What was the perfume that Laura talked about often on the show?
    Rose Blossom
    Lilac Essence
    Vanilla Bean
    Lemon Verbena

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Compiled Jan 13 13