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The Shins: "Wincing the Night Away"

Created by xplosion123

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The Shins Wincing the Night Away game quiz
"This quiz centers around my favorite band, The Shins, and their third album, "Wincing The Night Away"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who mixed and co-produced "Wincing the Night Away" with James Mercer, the Shins' singer and main songwriter?
    Robert Mercer
    Marty Crandall
    Joe Chiccarelli
    Ian Montone

2. What "Wincing the Night Away" song contains the famed lyrics, "You can fake it for a while, bite your tongue and smile like every mother does her ugly child."?
    Turn on Me
    Phantom Limb
    Black Wave
    New Slang

3. What short track leads up to Phantom Limb's beginning synth line?
    Pam Berry
    A Comet Appears
    Red Rabbits

4. Which of these musicians is not a member of The Shins?
    Dave Hernandez
    James Mercer
    Alex Turner
    Marty Crandall

5. What was The Shins' record label when "Wincing the Night Away" was first released?
    Lookout! Records
    EMI Records
    Sub Pop Records
    Abbey Road Records

6. In the music video for "Phantom Limb", children as well as the band are seen acting out three plays on a stage as the song plays. What are these three plays about? (Go ahead and watch the video, try to guess if you want.)
    Joan of Arc, the Donner Party, and the Spanish fighting the Aztecs
    The Donner Party, "Les Miserables", and "Phantom of the Opera"
    "Cats", "Les Miserables", and Joan of Arc
    The Spanish fighting the Aztecs, "West Side Story", and the Donner Party

7. Which of these songs was used on the soundtrack of "Project Gotham Racing 4" for the Xbox 360?
    Spilt Needles
    Phantom Limb

8. What song do these very creepy lines come from?

"Let's carve my aging face off,
Fetch us a knife,
Start with my eyes,
Down so the lines form a grimacing smile."
    Sleeping Lessons
    Black wave
    A Comet Appears
    Pam berry

9. Which song contains the word "la" multiple times?
    Pam Berry
    Phantom Limb
    Black Wave

10. Which of these pre-release singles was originally released only in the UK?
    Phantom Limb
    Turn on me

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Compiled Aug 21 12