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New York City's Upper West Side

Created by SuzanneMD

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New York Citys Upper West Side game quiz
"How much do you know about the the Upper West Side of New York City?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In which Upper West Side landmark theater do the Tony Awards take place?
    Theater at Lincoln Center
    Beacon Theater
    Carnegie Hall
    Radio City Music Hall

2. What famous Upper West Side building was home to Lauren Bacall, John Lennon, Gilda Radner, Judy Garland?
    The Chelsea Hotel
    The Dakota
    The Apthorp

3. On what well-known street did Jerry Seinfeld reside on the hit sitcom "Seinfeld"? The street is located between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.
    W. 72nd Street
    W. 96th Street
    W. 86th Street
    W. 81st Street

4. What formerly occupied the space that later became the home of Time Warner Center?
    New York Coliseum
    Madison Square Garden
    Jacob Javits Center
    Lincoln Center

5. What famous parade starts at W. 77th Street and Central Park West?
    The Halloween Parade
    Thanksgiving Day Parade
    St. Patrick's Day Parade
    Puerto Rican Day Parade

6. Columbus Avenue turns into what avenue at W. 59th Street?
    8th Avenue
    7th Avenue
    9th Avenue

7. What university has a campus on the Upper West Side and the Bronx?
    Columbia University
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice - The City University of New York
    New York University
    Fordham University

8. What historic restaurant used to host the pre-eve pasta dinner and was designated the finish line for the New York Marathon?
    The Boathouse
    Tavern on the Green
    Cafe Luxembourg

9. How many blocks long is the American Museum of Natural History?

10. How many performance facilities does Lincoln Center boast?

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