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The Battle of Aginc...I mean...Azincourt

Created by Obscenic

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Hundred Years' War
The Battle of AgincI meanAzincourt game quiz
"The famous battle was an extremely decisive English victory against the overwhelming numbers of the French. How much do you know about this battle and the events that led to it?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The English were outnumbered, sick, hungry, and, as it happens, on their way back to England before they were intercepted by the French. It was a long siege of a French stronghold that severely crippled them before the Battle of Agincourt. Which stronghold was that?

2. During the battle, the English captured many French noblemen to keep for ransom, which would make any man-at-arms or knight very rich. However, hundreds were piling up behind enemy lines and the battle was not over. Henry V saw them as a threat, and made a brutal decision that was considered at the time to be the most prudent. What decision did he make in regards to his prisoners?
    To kill them all
    To cut off their hands
    To cut off their feet
    To blind them

3. The Battle of Agincourt took place on which day?
    St. Crispinian's Day
    St. Augustine's Day
    St. Bernard's Day
    St. Crispin's Day

4. There were many, many, French casualties during the battle. The English suffered very little. Which of these Englishmen died during the battle?
    The Earl of Hereford
    Sir Thomas Erpingham
    Edward of Norwich, 2nd Duke of York
    Lord Camoys

5. The French, on top of having to wade through deep mud, walk through a storm of arrows, and trample over their fallen comrades just to advance further, also had to wear very heavy plate armor. How much did the average suit of plate armor weigh for one man-at-arms?
    25-35 pounds
    60-70 pounds
    80-100 pounds
    50-60 pounds

6. An act by the French, prior to Agincourt (but during the 100 Years' War) infuriated the English. The French massacred English archers ruthlessly and mercilessly. Where did they do it?

7. Which of the following began the battle?
    Charge of the French infantry
    Charge of the English cavalry
    Volley from the English archers
    Charge of the French cavalry

8. King Henry V had a very noticeable scar on his face. What caused the wound?
    Self-inflicted as a sign of his devotion to God
    A childhood accident
    An arrow from a previous battle
    A lance during a tournament joust

9. In 1414, a year before the battle, King Henry V said he would renounce his claim to the throne of France if the French paid the 1.6 million crowns they still owed for the ransom of John II of France (reigned 1319-64), and renounced their claim to certain parts of France. Which of these is NOT one of the lands Henry V demanded they relinquish?

10. Charles, Duke of Orléans, was captured during the battle. Thereafter, he was kept as a prisoner-of-war in England. For how long was he kept?
    15 years
    40 years
    21 years
    24 years

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