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Linda Ronstadt: Queen of the Covers

Created by Sundancer415

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Linda Ronstadt Queen of the Covers game quiz
"The lovely Linda Ronstadt has made a career out of covering other artists' songs, often taking the song higher on the charts than the original. This quiz will ask you to identify song titles, the original artist, or to complete the lyrics. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1975, Linda Ronstadt, without her Stone Poneys (sic), hit number two in the US on the Billboard Top 40 with a remake of the plaintive "When Will I Be Loved?" What duo had a number eight hit with it in 1960?
    Donny and Marie Osmond
    Paul and Paula
    The Everly Brothers
    The Righteous Brothers

2. Martha and The Vandellas were smokin' hot in the heyday of soul. They released a song that reached number four in the summer of 1963, but Linda Ronstadt took it up the thermometer a few notches twelve years later. What Motown number, penned by the incredible Holland-Dozier-Holland team, did Linda take higher up the chart?
    Jimmy Mack
    Nowhere to Run
    Dancing in the Street
    (Your Love is Like a) Heat Wave

3. Linda Ronstadt didn't shy away from covering a male singer's or group's song; she did it all the time. She seems to have been particularly fond of Smokey Robinson's music, with and without The Miracles. What hit (number one in 1965) by The Miracles did Linda cover in 1976?
    You've Really Got a Hold on Me
    The Tracks Of My Tears
    I Second That Emotion
    Shop Around

4. In an instance where Linda didn't quite out-chart the original artist but gave a good run at it, Ms. Ronstadt had the chutzpah to remake the signature song of a very famous dead artist. Linda took "That'll Be The Day" to number 11 on the US Billboard chart in 1976. Who sang lead on the original Number One back in '57?
    The Big Bopper
    Elvis Presley
    Buddy Holly
    Eddie Cochran

5. Linda Marie Ronstadt was born in Tuscon, AZ, which may account for some of her country-western roots, but Arizona and Louisiana are pretty far apart. Nevertheless, Linda took a shot at remaking a huge Roy Orbison hit. Which one of his songs opens "I feel so bad I got a worried mind/I'm so lonesome all the time/since I left my baby behind ..." where?
    on blue bayou
    way down yonder in New Orleans
    in Baton Rouge
    the green door

6. Written by Warren Zevon with his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek, what album cut (mocking self-indulgence) did Linda Ronstadt cover and make a hit in 1978?
    Mr. Bad Example
    Werewolves of London
    Poor Poor Pitiful Me
    Lawyers, Guns & Money

7. What Rolling Stones number seven hit did Linda Ronstadt cover in '78 that included the following lyrics:
"Now all you women are low-down gamblers
Cheating like I don't know how
Baby, I go crazy!
There's fever in the funkhouse now"
    Start Me Up
    Honky Tonk Women
    Beast of Burden
    Tumbling Dice

8. Everybody loved Buddy Holly's songs, and Linda Ronstadt was no exception. Complete the opening lyric from a Buddy Holly hit that Linda famously covered, "It's So Easy."
"People tell me love's for fools, so here I go ..."?
    breakin' all the rules
    messin' 'round with tools
    back to boyfriend school
    fallin' off my Jimmy Chus

9. Linda Ronstadt took "Hurts So Bad" to number eight on the Billboard chart in 1980. Which of the following groups/artists also released this song?
    All of these artists
    The Lettermen
    Little Anthony and the Imperials
    Alicia Keys

10. Before Linda got her hands on this song and took it to number one in '75, Betty Everett released it in 1963, and The Swinging Blue Jeans took it to number three in the UK in '64. Which of the songs listed below begins with the lyric "Feelin' better now that we're through. Feelin' better 'cause I'm over you. I learned my lesson. It left a scar. Now I see how you really are."
    When Will I Be Loved?
    You're No Good
    Hurts So Bad
    Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

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