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Lyrical Nightmare: 50 Ways to Say "I Forgot!"

Created by SpaceGirl451

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Lyrical Nightmare 50 Ways to Say I Forgot game quiz
"It's terrible, tragic, and every musician's worst nightmare: forgotten lyrics! Help Pat Monahan of the band Train by telling him the lyrics he's forgotten."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which word is missing?

"That's cool, but if my friends ask where you are, I'm gonna say
She went down in an airplane
Fried getting suntanned
Fell in a _________ full of quicksand"
    Cement mixer

2. Fill in the missing line.

"Now that she's back in the atmosphere
I'm afraid that she might think of me as plain ol' Jane
Told a story about a man who is too afraid to fly so ______
    He left his wife
    He stayed up high
    He never did land
    He left the ground

3. Fill in the word that's missing.

"Don't know what I was on, but I think it grows in ________
So I kept going, going on right through"
    Answer: (One Word; a United States state on the West Coast)

4. Which two places are missing in their respective blanks? (Order is important here!)

"Slipped down to _______, started messing with her yellow afro
Slipped down the sheets, started talking 'bout Pistol Pete, well
Slipped down to the _______, started talking 'bout what she can do
Well, here we are again, back where we started"
    Africa; Mexican
    Mexico; African
    America; United Kingdom
    Africa; Congo

5. Finish the line.

"Beauty in the water
Angel on the beach
Ocean's daughter
I thought love was _______
    Out of reach
    Left in mind
    In my sight
    Just a speech

6. Fill in the missing occupation.

"Let's blame it on something else
Blame it on the ________
The full moon
Anything but ourselves"

7. Fill in the missing line.

"But we held them up for ransom anyway
When the coldest days of winter were
The summers that we took aim at the Bay
    We're made to reminisce
    Lips made to kiss
    And grateful wasn't dead
    Trying to find home

8. Finish this lyric.

"You're black and beautiful, yellow, tan
You're white as light and soft as sand
With greens and greys and oh for days
A silver lining on the way you cover everyone
Just like a morning sun
    You turn me into a celebrity
    You shine brighter than the brightest star
    You're just the way I imagined you would be
    You turn me into someone I would rather be

9. Did you know that Train also did covers of a few songs? Finish the lyric and be sure to tell the crowd the original artist to this song.

"These fancy things
Will never come in between
You're part of my entity
Here for ______"
    Life; Tears for Fears
    Forever; Lady Gaga
    Infinity; Rihanna
    A week; The Doors

10. Of course, the night won't be complete without hearing the song that won Train a Grammy award. Which lyric is missing, which is also the name of the song?

Ain't that Mister Mister on the radio, stereo
The way you move ain't fair, you know"
    Hey Soul Sister
    Save The Day
    You Already Know
    If It's Love

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Compiled Sep 16 12