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Marine Boy

Created by mathew1986

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Marine Boy game quiz
"This is a quiz about the '60s anime "Marine Boy". Wonder if anyone can remember anything about this classic show?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Marine Boy is a member of the Ocean Patrol and fights crime under the ocean whilst wearing a red wetsuit. What is so special about this suit?
    It gives him super strength
    It supplies him with an endless supply of oxygen
    It is resistant to projectiles and temperature
    The colour warns off dangerous creatures

2. What is the name of the professor who created Marine Boy's suit?
    Professor Dumball
    Professor Mumble
    Professor Oddball
    Professor Fumble

3. Naturally humans can't breathe underwater so Marine Boy needs a supply of oxygen to stay alive. What does he take to solve this problem?

4. Marine boy gets into a lot of fights with enemies under the sea, but which weapon does he use to protect the oceans?

5. It's not all bad under the sea, Marine Boy has friends too. What is the name of the dolphin he becomes attached to?

6. What kind of creature is Neptina?

7. Sometimes Marine Boy can end up in a lot of dangerous situations and on occasion is captured by the enemy. What method does Neptina use to find him?
    She sends out sonar signals using her magic pearl
    She uses her magic pearl as a crystal ball
    The Ocean Patrol radio her
    She traces a signal embedded into his suit

8. Joining Marine Boy are Bolton and Piper. Together they are a great team. What is the name of the ship they pilot?
    The C3PO
    The P-2
    The P-1
    The P-3

9. Dr Mariner is also part of the team, but what relation is he to Marine Boy?
    His step-father
    His uncle
    His father
    His Cousin

10. Who provides the voice for Marine Boy?
    Jack Curtis
    Jack Grimes
    Corinne Orr
    Peter Fernandez

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