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The Dark Knight Rises

Created by Gil_Galad

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The Dark Knight Rises game quiz
"This quiz is based on Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012)."

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1. What is the signature characteristic of Bane, the main villain of "The Dark Knight Rises"?
    He carries a sword in his back.
    He wears a mask that covers his face partially.
    He only speaks Russian.
    He has messy green hair.

2. In "The Dark Knight", Rachel Dawes had left a letter to Bruce Wayne. In "The Dark Knight Rises", how does he find out what she had written in it?
    Alfred gives Bruce the letter to read.
    Bruce never finds out about the letter or its contents.
    Bruce finds the letter and reads it.
    Alfred tells Bruce about the letter and its contents.

3. In "The Dark Knight Rises", a new law has been passed in Gotham to allow the quick and strict sentencing of anyone associated with organized crime. What is the name of that law?
    The Dent Act
    The Wayne Act
    The Bat Law
    The Bane Act

4. In the beginning of "The Dark Knight Rises", Bruce Wayne is in the best shape of his life.

5. In "The Dark Knight Rises", Batman finds out his fight against the League of Shadows is not over. Which character is revealed to be the child of Ra's al Ghul, the villain of "Batman Begins"?
    John Blake
    Selina Kyle
    Miranda Tate
    Lucius Fox

6. Part of Bane's plan is to bankrupt Bruce Wayne by making disastrous trades. How does he achieve that?
    He uses Bruce's fingerprints that Selina obtained for him.
    He buys off the members of the Wayne Enterprises board.
    He blackmails Bruce Wayne.
    He doesn't achieve it - his plan backfires.

7. "The Dark Knight Rises" is not the first "Batman" film Catwoman (Selina Kyle) appears in. Which actress is she portrayed by this time?
    Anne Hathaway
    Halle Berry
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Marion Cotillard

8. Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's longtime butler and friend. In "The Dark Knight Rises", what event is he unable to accept, forcing him to quit?
    Bruce becoming bankrupt and not being rich anymore
    Bruce's decision to take up the role of Batman once more
    Batman being beaten by Bane in their first fight
    Bruce wanting to sell the Wayne manor

9. John Blake is a police officer who has figured out Bruce Wayne's secret identity, nevertheless helping him and Commissioner Gordon throughout the movie. When his full name is revealed in the end, what other name does he have?
    Answer: (One Word, Batman's sidekick)

10. After Bane is defeated, the fate of the other characters is shown. Alfred is in a cafe in Florence, where he sees which other character(s)?
    Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle
    Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox
    Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne and Miranda Tate

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Compiled Nov 07 12