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Books, Banned Books

Created by SterlingT

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Books Banned Books game quiz
"Many books are banned. The reasons are usually moral, religious, or political. Often a local school or library will ban a book. The following books have all been banned by governments."

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1. Our first "forbidden" text is now a standard work taught in many schools. It was once banned in California for portraying residents in an unflattering light, despite the author being a native Californian who set many of his novels and stories in the Golden State. What is this Dust Bowl classic?
    The Sound and the Fury
    The Good Earth
    The Grapes of Wrath
    For Whom the Bells Toll

2. Our next book was banned by the United States mail for obscenity in 1873. It is alleged to be the memoirs of a woman who must survive by her wits. The author is more famous for a novel that pretends to be the memoirs of a very famous castaway.
    My Left Foot
    Dreams From My Father
    Angela's Ashes
    Moll Flanders

3. This novel was once banned in the UK, the USA, and Australia for obscenity. This work by an Irish author topped the Modern Library's list of the Best Novels of the Twentieth Century. It is so famously difficult, I wonder how anyone found the "good parts"?
    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Cold Mountain
    The Odyssey

4. Rather than a book, I'm going to ask you for an author. Several of his works have been banned in many locales around the world. Due to the sexual cruelty throughout many of his works, his name has been used for a common sexual perversion. Who is this writer?
    Earl of Sandwich
    Count of Monte Cristo
    Marquess of Queensberry
    Marquis de Sade

5. This novel is by a renowned British author of the early twentieth century. It was famously banned in the United States for obscenity.
    Lady Loverley's Chatter
    Lady Chatterley's Lover
    The Chatterbury Tales
    A Tale of Two Chatters

6. This book was banned in many places in the Southern United States before the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying to the author of this novel, "So you are the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war."
    Gone With the Wind
    Flags in the Dust
    The Red Badge of Courage
    Uncle Tom's Cabin

7. I find it shocking that this book was banned at all. I see it as a testament to the human spirit and not particularly political. Lebanon once banned it for "portraying Jews, Israel, or Zionism favorably."
    The Diary of Anne Frank
    Mein Kampf
    The Communist Manifesto
    The Rights of Man

8. This Russian novel was banned within the Soviet Union from its publication in 1957 until the USSR was in the process of dissolution in 1988. It was made into a popular film starring Julie Christie and Omar Sharif.
    Doctor Zhivago
    Doctor Kildare
    Doctor Seuss
    Doctor Who

9. This popular allegorical novel was written by an English writer in the midst of World War II. Sharply critical of the Soviet Union, it was declined by publishers because of the risk of causing a rift between the Allied forces. It was published in 1945.
    Charlotte's Web
    Animal Farm
    Black Beauty
    Lassie, Come Home

10. In recent times, I believe that only one novel was not only banned, but a government called for the author's execution. He was forced to go into hiding.
    The Satanic Verses
    American Psycho
    The Necronomicon

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