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History of 'Swan Lake'

Created by LAW1998

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History of Swan Lake game quiz
"'Swan Lake' is a piece of music which has been used in many different ways. This quiz will be about the history of the ballet pieces - it could be by any choreographer. "

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1. 'Swan Lake' was composed by Tchaikovsky. In which year did this take place?
    1876 - 1877
    1874 - 1875
    1873 - 1874
    1875 - 1876

2. The ballet by Tchaikovsky tells the story of a princess. What is the princess' name?

3. What is the first name of the man who falls in love with the princess in the original piece?

4. What is Benno's last name?
    von Sommerstern
    von Schwarzfels
    von Stein
    von Rothbart

5. When was 'Swan Lake' released in Moscow?
    4th March 1877
    6th March 1877
    5th March 1877
    7th March 1877

6. In this first release in Moscow, who played Odette?
    Irina Baronova
    Yekaterina Geltzer
    Natalia Bessmertnova
    Anna Sobeshchanskaya

7. What is the name of the person who cast the spell on the princess?
    von Stein
    von Sommerstern
    von Schwarzfels
    von Rothbart

8. Throughout the original performances of 'Swan Lake', the ballerina playing the princess performed a number of fouettes in a row. Which ballerina?
    Pierina Legani
    Sulamith Messerer
    Natalia Bessmertnova
    Anna Pavlova

9. What did Tchaikovsky say that the swan represented?
    The beauty of birds
    His love of beautiful women

10. Much of the 'Swan Lake' ballet we know of today was a revision by two famous choreographers: Marius Petipa and who?
    Answer: (Two words or surname only: I-----)

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