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Major Crime and Corporal Punishment

Created by sjhodges825

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Major Crime and Corporal Punishment game quiz
"This quiz is about the many countries that still use Judicial Corporate Punishment and the cases that keep it in the public eye."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Michael P. Fay, an American, was sentenced to caning in Singapore in 1994 for what crime?
    Theft and Vandalism
    Forgery and Fraud
    Indecent Exposure

2. Nagla Wafa, an Egyptian fashion designer, was sentenced in September 2009 to 500 lashes and 5 years in prison for a business dispute with a princess of what country?
    Saudi Arabia

3. In Zimbabwe, Elton Makumbe, age 17, was convicted of criminal insult for posting a picture of a female with a derogatory caption. He received a sentence of caning. On what social media site did Elton post this picture?

4. In Antigua & Barbuda a 15-year-old was sentenced to a dozen strokes after pleading guilty to house breaking and larceny charges. Since he broke a window to gain entry into the house he was also ordered to pay $1250 in compensation. If the young man does not come up with the compensation money what additional punishment does he face?
    jail time
    indentured servitude
    public flogging
    more strokes

5. In 2010, two teenage girls made international news in Afghanistan when they were publicly flogged for running away from their husbands which they were illegally forced to marry. In what province of Afghanistan did this occur?

6. In Maldives, Adam Shareef received a two year prison sentence and 25 lashes for the sexual assault of a woman who came to Maldives as a volunteer music teacher. What nationality was the music teacher?

7. In Botswana, Kabelo Seemeko, son of a local Chief, was given 5 strokes on his bare bottom for the crime of theft. Normally this crime involves a prison sentence. Why was Kabelo spared prison time?
    The jails were full
    It was part of his plea deal
    His Dad's high ranking status in the community
    It was his first offense

8. In Malaysia, Mohammad Arfhad, 19, was sentenced to 8 years of jail and 10 strokes of the cane in January of 2012. His crime was drug possession. What drug was he caught in possession of?

9. In Nigeria on August 2, 2012, Ashiru Yusuf, 18, was sentenced to 12 strokes of the cane for stealing. What did he steal?
    3 gas cylinders and 1 generator
    3 loaves of bread and 1 gallon of milk
    3 cars and 1 truck
    3 pairs of socks and 1 pair of shoes

10. In Bangor, Maine a man requested to be flogged in public rather than go to prison. The judge denied the request citing what amendment to the US Constitution?
    Tenth Amendment
    Fifth Amendment
    Eighth Amendment
    Ninth Amendment

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