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Yes, I Do!

Created by Midget40

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Yes I Do game quiz
"What would TV shows be like without that all important wedding to look forward to? Join me on a trip of some of those memorable moments of TV history where our favourite characters finally say "I do". Australian, English and American shows are featured."

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1. Whose wedding in "Friends" turned rather awkward when the groom used an ex-girlfriend's name during the vows?
    Monica Geller and Chandler Bing
    Ross Geller and Emily Waltham
    Phoebe Buffay and Mike Hannigan
    Rachel Green and Ross Geller

2. Three of these weddings occurred during their respective shows' series finales. Which one did NOT?
    Joanie Cunningham and Chachi Arcola
    Donna Martin and David Silver
    Abby Lockhart and Luka Kovac
    Amanda Woodward and Peter Burns

3. Which of these "Coronation Street" characters HAVEN'T been married more than once to each other?
    Hilda and Stan Ogden
    Deirdre and Ken Barlow
    Sally and Kevin Webster
    Karen and Steve McDonald

4. This prime time show's 1985 season finale involved a wedding that ended with a group of terrorists open firing on the couple and their guests in the church. Which show and couple had this wedding?
    "Knots Landing" - Karen Fairgate and Mack McKenzie
    "Dallas" - Pamela Barnes and Bobby Ewing
    "Falcon Crest" - Maggie Gioberti and Richard Channing
    "Dynasty" - Amanda Carrington and Prince Michael of Moldavia

5. All of these much anticipated weddings in Australian soap history unfortunately ended in the death of one of the spouses within thirteen months. Which of these marriages ended soonest in this manner?
    Toadfish Rebecchi and Dee Bliss ("Neighbours")
    Angel Brooks and Shane Parrish ("Home and Away")
    Terri Sullivan and Mitch Stevens ("All Saints")
    Melissa Bannon and Ben Rafter ("Packed to the Rafters")

6. Brooke Logan was married multiple times in "The Bold and the Beautiful". Which of these men from the Forrester family did she NOT marry?
    Thorne Forrester
    Eric Forrester
    Ridge Forrester
    Rick Forrester

7. The long awaited wedding of this couple was rather strange in the fact that the groom, the bride's mother and their celebrant had already died. Which couple?
    Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt ("Charmed")
    Lynn Dinovi and Lee Scanlon ("Medium")
    Theresa Lopez and Ethan Crane ("Passions")
    Melinda Gordon and Jim Clancy ("Ghost Whisperer")

8. This 1987 wedding between two young members of the Australian show "Neighbours" was an all time ratings winner in both Australia and England. Who were the bride and groom?
    Sally Fletcher and Flynn Saunders
    Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson
    Grace Curtis and Tom Croydon
    Vicki Dean and Simon Bowen

9. There were only three weddings among the four main ladies of "Sex and the City" during the TV series. Which one of these was NOT one of them?
    Steve Brady and Miranda Hobbes
    Aidan Shaw and Carrie Bradshaw
    Trey MacDougal and Charlotte York
    Harry Goldenblatt and Charlotte York

10. Most series leave their weddings for a season finale but one show had its wedding in its premier episode. Who was this bride and groom?
    Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen
    Carol Martin and Mike Brady
    Amy MacDougall and Robert Barone
    Becky Donaldson and Jesse Katsopolis

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