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Olympic Games Firsts

Created by moonraker2

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Olympic Games Firsts game quiz
"The first Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. Since then the format of the Games has evolved to take shape as we now know them, but do you know what was first introduced at the Games in each of the following years? "

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1. The 1900 Summer Olympics were held in Paris. What 'first' can be attributed to these games?
    Starting blocks were introduced.
    Batons were carried in the relay races.
    Women were allowed to participate.
    Men were permitted to wear shorts.

2. St Louis hosted the Games in 1904, what 'priceless' first was introduced on this occasion.
    The Olympic Hymn
    Starting pistols for the sprint races
    Country insignia on vests
    Gold medals awarded to the winners

3. In 1908 the Games were held in London. What 'far-reaching' first can be attributed to this Olympic gathering?
    Random drug tests
    An Olympic village for athletes
    Sumo wrestling
    A marathon distance of 26 miles 385 yards.

4. The 1920 Olympic Games were held in Antwerp. What 'idyllic' first was introduced here?
    Croquet team competition
    The Games were televised
    White doves released at the opening ceremony
    No world records were set

5. In 1924 the Games were held in Paris once again (they hosted the 1900 Olympics). What is said to be a 'first' on this occasion?
    Introduction of the Olympic motto
    Commemorative postage stamps
    Ladies weightlifting
    Tug of war competition

6. In 1928 it was the turn of Amsterdam to host the Olympics. What 'original' first was introduced on this occasion?
    Table tennis was included
    Gender testing
    Photo finish equipment
    Greece led the parade of nations.

7. The 1932 Olympics were back in the USA (St Louis were hosts in 1904), on this occasion in Los Angeles. What 'patriotic' first can be attributed to these Games?
    Winner's national anthem played
    Ice hockey introduced
    First live radio broadcasts
    Games boycotted by some nations

8. In 1936 the Games were held in Berlin. What significant development was implemented here for the first time?
    Anabolic steroid testing
    Oaths for judges
    An indoor show jumping arena
    The Games were televised

9. The Olympic Games of 1956 were awarded to Melbourne. What original first can be related to the Olympics on this occasion?
    Aussie rules football introduced
    Marathon delayed owing to heat
    Professionals allowed to compete
    Held in the Southern Hemisphere

10. Mexico City hosted the 1968 Olympic Games. What was seen at these Games for the first time during the track and field events?
    The Fosbury flop
    Long jump over nine metres
    Titanium javelins
    400 metres relays

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