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Robin Hood

Created by Joolz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Robin Hood (1973)
Robin Hood game quiz
"All about one of my favorite Disney animated movies, 'Robin Hood'. Hope you enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What animal plays Alan-a-Dale, the minstrel who opens and narrates much of the movie?
    a monkey
    a peacock
    a hen
    a rooster

2. At the beginning of the movie, Robin Hood and Little John see Prince John's royal carriage riding by. What do they disguise themselves as to rob the procession?
    wheel repairmen
    royal guards

3. Robin disguises himself yet again to distribute the money, this time as a poor blind man. He visits a family of rabbits who are celebrating something. What are they celebrating?
    a wedding
    a birthday
    Prince John's coronation

4. How did Robin Hood and Maid Marian know each other?
    She was his babysitter
    They were sweethearts
    She's Little John's cousin
    They're brother and sister

5. When we first meet Maid Marian and her lady-in-waiting Clucky, Skippy and his sisters and friend Toby are very worried that they will get in trouble with Prince John. What have they done to make them so frightened?
    called him a mean old coward
    killed the king's deer
    broke his mother's mirror
    shot an arrow into his yard

6. Robin and Little John are at their camp in Sherwood Forest talking about Maid Marian when someone comes to tell them about Prince John's archery contest. Who is it that tells them about the contest?
    Otto the Blacksmith
    Friar Tuck
    Sherrif of Nottingham

7. Robin Hood and Little John show up at the contest, knowing that it's probably a trap but unable to resist the temptation to show off their cleverness. Robin is disguised as a stork ('This disguise would fool my own mother!' 'Yeah, but you're mother ain't here; you've got to fool old bushel-britches.') What is Little John's disguise?
    Sir Reginald, Duke of Chutney
    Maid Marian's cousin
    Sir Hiss

8. Prince John's plan to capture Robin Hood at the archery contest fails. This depresses him until he comes up with another plan. What was his new plan?
    suck his thumb
    put everyone in jail
    capture Little John
    hang Friar Tuck

9. Let's go back a couple of steps. After the escape, Robin and Marian have a few moments alone together and Robin gives Marian an engagement ring. What is the ring made of?
    a flower
    her hair

10. Who is Prince John's brother?
    Sir Hiss
    Robin Hood
    Sheriff of Nottingham
    King Richard

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