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Dickens' Biography

Created by Bethanny

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Dickens Biography game quiz
"Questions about the life and death of Charles Dickens for the true 'Dickensophile'. Have fun."

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1. Where is Charles Dickens buried?
    Gad's Hill
    Westminster Abbey

2. Where did Dickens work during his younger days that caused him to be deeply ashamed and to retain a life-long bitterness towards his mother?
    blacking factory

3. Which of his novels was his first?
    Barnaby Rudge
    Pickwick Papers
    Mystery of Edwin Drood
    Little Dorrit

4. Was "Pickwick Papers" originally intended to be a novel?

5. When Dickens separated from Catherine, which of these did he claim as one of the causes?
    unnatural mother
    alienation of affection

6. What was the name of the young actress he is reputed to have pursued and had a lasting relationship with?
    Fanny Brice
    Fanny Kemble
    Ellen Ternan
    Marie Curie

7. What is the address of the home in London that is still carefully preserved as a Charles Dickens museum?
    11 Downing St.
    21 Oak Drive
    48 Doughty St
    Gad's Hill

8. What natural wonder did Dickens admire when visiting America for the first time?
    Grand Canyon
    Lake Erie
    Carlsbad Caverns
    Niagara Falls

9. Charles Dickens had a taste for very flashy what?
    all of the above

10. Who was one of the most memorable illustrators of Dickens's books?
    George Cruikshank
    Edward Gorey
    Wilkie Collins

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Compiled Feb 03 14