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From One Ape to Another in 10 Degrees

Created by alaspooryoric

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Degrees of Separation
From One Ape to Another in 10 Degrees game quiz
"Can you move from a giant chest-pounding ape to another in 10 steps? See if you recognize these films, and have some fun, of course!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A primitive colossal ape is discovered on a previously uncharted island enshrouded by clouds. Jessica Lange plays Dwan, an aspiring actress who finds herself aboard a tanker that has set sail to find oil on this mysterious island. Eventually, she becomes the "beauty" who enthralls "the beast". Do you know which particular film version I'm describing here, as this particular film is one of many variations, each with different plot elements?
    King Kong
    Kong, the Mighty
    'Twas Beauty Killed the Beast
    King Kong Escapes

2. Jessica Lange plays Meg Magrath, an actress who is preoccupied with herself and her nervous breakdown and who comes home to Hazlehurst, Mississippi, because of her younger sister's having shot her husband. Sissy Spacek plays Babe Magrath Botrelle, the impulsive and rebellious sister who continues to shock her two older sisters through tales of teenage sex with a black boy. What is the name of this film, an adaptation of Beth Henley's Pulitzer-Prize-winning play?
    Crimes of the Heart
    Everybody's All-American
    Blue Sky
    The River

3. Sissy Spacek plays Ruth Fowler, a seemingly happily married woman in Camden, Maine, who is worried about her son Frank, who has come home for the summer after graduating from college and is in a relationship with an older woman with kids. Marisa Tomei plays Natalie Strout, Frank's lover who has left her previous husband because of his violent and abusive behavior. Which film, nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, is this?
    In the Bedroom
    A Home at the End of the World
    Someone like You

4. Marisa Tomei plays Cassidy, a woman who continues to work as stripper to earn money to take care of her son, despite the fact that she is getting too old to be successful at the job. She tries to remain friends with one of her clients while warding off his romantic advances. This client has a daughter named Stephanie, played by Evan Rachel Wood; however, he abandoned her when she was a child, and his attempts to reunite with her seem doomed to fail. What film is this?
    King of California
    King of the Jungle
    The Wrestler
    Whatever Works

5. Evan Rachel Wood plays Harriet Frankovitz, a ten-year-old girl who longs to escape her lonely life and fantasizes about magic carpets, flying saucers, and tunnels through the earth. Through a chance incident, she encounters a character played by Kevin Bacon, who helps her run away with him until an illness he is suffering creates a dilemma for them. What is this 1998 film?
    Digging to China
    Anywhere but Here

6. Kevin Bacon is an armed robber who has abducted a family on vacation, and Meryl Streep is the abducted mother and wife, suffering in a marriage to a man who seems to love his job more than his family. What film am I talking about here?
    The Woodsman
    The River Wild
    The Deer Hunter
    Destination Anywhere

7. Meryl Streep plays Kate Gulden, a woman dying of cancer while married to a writer and professor who seems unable to care for her amidst wallowing in his sorrow at not being able to write another novel or attract young students for affairs. Renee Zellweger plays Ellen Gulden the career-minded daughter who reluctantly comes home to take care of her mother, for whom she has little respect, at the request of her father, whom she idolizes. What film is this?
    One True Thing
    A Price above Rubies
    White Oleander
    Music of the Heart

8. Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler are best friends, Gina and Corey, who work as cashiers. They arrive one morning at their place of employment to discover that a co-worker, who closed the store the previous night, has lost $9000 of the store's money on a gambling venture in Atlantic City. What film is this?
    One Night at McCool's
    Rebel Highway
    Empire Records

9. Liv Tyler plays Faye Dolan, the girlfriend of the lead singer of a small town band that experiences a meteoric rise to fame because of the success of one song. Charlize Theron plays Tina Powers, the girlfriend of the replacement drummer for the band. What movie am I talking about here?
    Inventing the Abbotts
    That Thing You Do!
    Head in the Clouds

10. Charlize Theron is Jill who, after witnessing poachers kill her mother and a female mountain gorilla, devotes her life to raising the offspring of the slaughtered gorilla. This orphaned ape grows to be a giant, 16 1/2 feet tall to be exact, because of a genetic anomaly. Eventually, Jill and the gorilla move to a refuge in the United States, where Jill coincidentally encounters the man who killed Jill's and the ape's mothers. What movie is this?
    Every Which Way but Loose
    Born to Be Wild
    Mighty Joe Young

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