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Children in Agatha Christie Novels

Created by balaton

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Children in Agatha Christie Novels game quiz
"Children play a part in many Christie novels, as clue hunters, interested spectators, material witnesses, victims, and once or twice even as killers. How much do you know about these Christie Babes? (contains spoilers)"

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1. "Today I killed grandfather!"
In "Crooked House" this is the beginning of an entry in the journal of a twelve year old murderer. What is her name?
    Sophia Leonides
    Magda West
    Janet Rowe
    Josephine Leonides

2. In what book does Marlene Tucker, a Girl Guide, play the part of a murdered girl in a village fete game and subsequently become the victim of a real murderer herself?
    The Hollow
    Third Girl
    Endless Night
    Dead Man's Folly

3. In "The Body in the Library" schoolgirl Pamela Reeves was killed and her body passed off as someone else. Who?
    Dolly Bantry
    Dinah Lee
    Josie Turner
    Ruby Keene

4. An innocent woman was hanged for the murder of her husband. She refused to defend herself in any way because, it later transpired, she wrongly thought her twelve year old half sister had committed the crime. Hercule Poirot solves the mystery sixteen years later. What Christie book are we talking about?
    Five on Kirrin Island
    Five Red Herrings
    Five Little Pigs
    After the Funeral

5. In "The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side", a boy, Bobby, is born severely mentally and physically disabled after his mother, a famous movie star, contracted German measles during pregnancy. This is the motive for whose murder?
    Marina Gregg
    Ella Zielinski
    Dolly Bantry
    Heather Badcock

6. What Christie book features a murder at Meadowbank, a prestigious girls' boarding school, and jewels hidden in a tennis racquet handle?
    Towards Zero
    Murder in Mesopotamia
    Cat among the Pigeons
    Third Girl

7. In "Hallowe'en Party" Joyce Reynolds is killed because she boasts that she once saw a murder being committed. How was she murdered?
    She was strangled in the churchyard.
    She ate a poisoned apple.
    She was frightened to death.
    She was drowned in a bowl of apples in water.

8. In what book do two young boys, Alexander Eastly and James Stoddart-West, play a small but quite significant part?
    The Blue Train
    The 4.50 from Paddington
    Murder on the Orient Express
    Murder is Easy

9. In which shorter work do three youngsters, disappointed in their ideas of what a private detective should look like, stage a phoney murder to fool Poirot into thinking that one of them is really dead?
    The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
    The Adventure of the Spanish Chest
    Death comes as the End
    Hercule Poirot's Christmas

10. In what book does a very young child witness a murder through staircase banister rails and return to the house many years later to discover the facts behind her vaguely remembered fears?
    The Moving Finger
    Dumb Witness
    Sleeping Murder
    Elephants can Remember

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