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Suddenly Sochi

Created by Taltarzac

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Russia
Suddenly Sochi game quiz
"How much do you know about this beautiful seaside resort, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Sochi, Russia, is located on what sea?
    The Caspian Sea
    The Baltic Sea
    The Black Sea
    The Aral Sea

2. What is the latitude and longitude of Sochi?
    44 17' 08" N, 73 59' 07" W
    33 51' 35" S, 151 12' 40" E
    22 54' 30" S, 43 11' 47" W
    43 35' 07" N, 39 43' 13" E

3. There are four administrative districts in Sochi. Which of these districts is in Sochi, Russia?
    Severny District
    Tsentralny District
    Tverskoy District
    Zelenogradsky District

4. Which of these four administrative districts is located in Sochi, Russia?
    Lazarevsky District
    Lomonovsky District
    Luzhsky District
    Priozersky District

5. In which district of Sochi, Russia, would you find Akhun Mountain?
    Nevsky District
    Vyborgsky District
    Kirovsky District
    Khostinsky District

6. The Winter Olympics site of 2014 is in a district of Sochi named what?
    Tuapse District
    Adlersky District
    Abkhasia District
    Ashe District

7. The largest oceanarium in Russia is in Sochi and is called what?
    Discovery World Aquarium
    Aquarium of Genoa
    Georgia Aquarium
    Oceanogrāfic of the City of Arts and Sciences

8. At the entrance to Riviera Park in Central Sochi is a memorial to the medical personnel who saved more than 500,000 lives during WWII. What is this memorial called?
    Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin
    The Feat for Life Memorial
    Anchor and Cannon
    Zavokzalny War Memorial

9. Which Russian/Soviet leader has a museum dedicated to him in Sochi as this was the location of his summer house?

10. What is the climate of Sochi, Russia?
    Semiarid steppe climate
    Mediterranean climate
    Humid subtropical climate
    Midlatitude desert climate

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