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"The Hero In The Hold": Part 2 of 2

Created by AuroraBoreanaz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Bones'- Season 4
The Hero In The Hold Part 2 of 2 game quiz
"This was one of my favorite episodes. Booth usually got to ride in and save the day. I liked that Booth got to be saved this time."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was used to set off the explosive charge Teddy and Booth made?
    Booth's 'Cocky' belt buckle
    One of Booth's cuff links
    Booth's watch from Parker
    A piece of the ship they were on

2. Why was the ship that Booth was trapped on going to explode?
    It was being turned into a reef
    It was being used as a military exercise
    'The Grave Digger' set explosives on it
    The ship was already half sunk due to damage

3. The navy could not turn off the detonator on the ship because Booth had disconnected it when he tried to use the timer to send a signal.

4. What type of injury did Heather Taffet have that revealed her as 'The Grave Digger' to Bones?
    Rib injury
    Leg injury
    Arm injury
    Head injury

5. What process did Hodgins recommend Jared do to find out what Taffet was hiding so they could rescue Booth?
    Open house
    Spring cleaning
    Dirt finding
    Clean sweep

6. Who hit Heather Taffet with a briefcase after they figured out where Booth was being held?

7. Why did Jared not go with Bones to save Booth?
    He was handling Taffet's arrest
    He was afraid to fly on the helicopter
    He was arrested by MPs because he brought Vega's body to Bones
    He was still mad at Booth for telling him to stop drinking

8. What did Teddy want Booth to tell Claire?
    That he would always be with her
    That he was sorry
    That he loved her
    That he wanted her to move on with her life

9. What did Bones buy Booth after he was rescued?
    A copy of her latest book
    A new watch
    A new 'Cocky' belt buckle
    A new flashlight

10. Bones spoke to Teddy.

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