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Patricia Cornwell's 'Postmortem' Quiz

Created by DillPickle

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Patricia Cornwells Postmortem Quiz game quiz
"I am a devoted fan of Patricia Cornwell and so I decided to create this quiz. All questions included here deal only with her first book 'Postmortem.' Have a good time."

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1. What is the name of the main character in 'Postmortem'?
    Kay Scarpetta
    Kay Marino
    Kate Scarlotti
    Katherine Scarlet

2. What is Kay Scarpetta's occupation?
    FBI Special Agent
    Police Detective in Washington DC
    Chief Medical Examiner for Richmond, Virginia

3. What strong-handed police detective does Scarpetta have trouble relating to at the beginning of the book?
    Bill Boltz
    Clifford Ring
    Pete Marino
    Spiro Fortosis

4. What type of crime has just taken place as 'Postmortem' begins?
    A Robbery
    A Rape-Murder
    A Rape
    An Auto Accident

5. What element of the crime made it necessary to include an FBI Profiler in the investigation?
    The crime was similar to others, indicating a possible serial murder situation
    The investigators were incompetent
    All murder cases in Virgina require FBI involvement
    Local cops were too busy

6. What was the name of the FBI Profiler who became involved with the case?
    Ben Kingsley
    Benton Wesley
    Owen Phipps

7. What nickname did Kay Scarpetta give the killer early on in the book?
    Mr. Nobody
    The Slasher

8. Who is Lucy?
    Marino's sister
    Scarpetta's niece
    A neighborhood kid
    Wesley's daughter

9. Because of a peculiar odor that lingers at Lori Peterson's crime scene Dr. Scarpetta suspects that the killer may have health problems. What metabolic disorder does she conclude the killer has?
    Maple Syrup Urine Disease
    Organic Acidemia
    Pancake Hips

10. Who finally shoots the killer when he attempts to murder Scarpetta?

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Compiled Jun 28 12