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Body of Evidence

Created by DillPickle

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Cornwell, Patricia
Body of Evidence game quiz
"'Body of Evidence' is Patricia Cornwell's 2nd book in the Kay Scarpetta series. I'm an avid reader and love Patricia Cornwell. Take this quiz and see how much of a fan you are."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What well-known (well-known in the story) female author is brutally murdered at the beginning of the book?
    Beryl Madison
    Patricia Cornwell
    Agatha Christie
    Phyllis Whitney

2. What is Beryl Madison's nickname?

3. What famous author (famous in the story) considered Beryl his protegee'?
    John Grisham
    Stephen King
    Cary Harper
    Dean R. Koontz

4. Where did Beryl run to in order to hide from everyone she knew?
    Key West

5. What caused Beryl to flee Richmond?
    Someone was stalking her
    She was bored
    She was avoiding taxes
    She was an alcoholic and needed treatment

6. What important person in Beryl's life was killed shortly after she was?
    Her dog
    Her mother
    Cary Harper
    Her sister

7. Who else died the same night that Cary Harper was murdered?
    Kay Scarpetta
    Cary's sister, Sterling
    Pete Marino

8. What 'old flame' of Kay Scarpetta's showed up to complicate the Beryl Madison case?
    Pete Marino
    Mark James
    Benton Wesley
    Tony Reed

9. Why were Cary Harper and Beryl Madison at odds before they were murdered?
    Because Beryl had written and autobiography which included unsavory things about Cary
    They weren't at odds
    Because Beryl cheated on Cary
    Because Harper felt Beryl was ungrateful for his support

10. What character was the subject of a Lolita-like painting which was found in the Harper's home?

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Compiled Jun 28 12