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Moulin Rouge

Created by SarahJC

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Moulin Rouge game quiz
"'Moulin Rouge' - a singing, dancing extravaganza."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who directed the movie?
    Peter Weir
    Peter Jackson
    Stephan Elliott
    Baz Luhrmann

2. What was the nickname that Zidler gave to the Moulin Rouge dancers (besides Satine)?
    Diamond Dogs
    Diamond Girls
    Sparkling Diamonds
    Moulin Rouge Dancers

3. What was the name of the special song that Satine and Christian had to remember their love by?
    Answer: (Three Words)

4. Who provided Nicole Kidman's singing voice?
    Christine Anu
    Christina Aguilera
    Nicole Kidman
    Jenny Robinson

5. When the characters are selling their play idea to the Duke, how many years do they say it will run for?

6. Which Australian stage actress had a minor role in the movie?
    Sarah Cahill
    Marina Pryor
    Caroline O'Connor
    Karen Murphy

7. What role did Kylie Minogue play in the movie?
    Answer: (a mythical creature)

8. What disease did the Argentinian bohemian have?

9. What persona does Nicole Kidman decide to use to seduce the Duke?
    Bright and bubbly
    Foxy lady
    Shy and demure
    Smouldering temptress

10. The play that was eventually performed was set in India, where was it originally supposed to be set in?

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Compiled Jun 28 12