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'Tenchi Muyo' - The Washu Quiz!!

Created by ayeka

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Tenchi Muyo  The Washu Quiz game quiz
"Hello everyone I'm back! This time I'm bringing you a quiz about Washu, everyone's favorite scientific genius. I hope you do well on this quiz. And remember, don't you dare call her silly.. Hehe GOOD LUCK!!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 'Tenchi Universe', where did they find Washu?
    On Kagato's ship.
    In a cave.
    In the woods..
    In the lake.

2. Was Washu ever married?
    Answer: (yes or no)

3. Who does Washu's American voice?
    Sherry Lynn
    Petra Burchard
    K.T. Vogt
    Jennifer Darling

4. Is Washu a goddess?
    Answer: (yes or no)

5. About how old is Washu?

6. What two creatures did Washu create?
    Ryoko and Ryu-oh
    Ryoko and Ryo-ohki
    Ryo-ohki and Minagi
    Ryu-oh and Ryo-ohki

7. How tall is Washu?
    144 cm
    122 cm
    100 cm
    133 cm

8. What one sample from Tenchi couldn't Washu get (For those who have only seen the version on 'Cartoon Network'.. They cut this out because it wasn't 'suitable' for TV.)?

9. What does Washu change Ryoko and Ayeka into in 'Tenchi Universe'?
    water sprites

10. Who is Washu's seiyuu (Japanese voice)?
    Yuko Kobayashi
    Yumi Takada
    Ai Orikasa
    Chisa Yokoyama

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Compiled Jun 28 12