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'Rain Man' Trivia

Created by eric_barbie

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Rain Man Trivia game quiz
"This is a quiz to test your knowledge on one of my favorite movies. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who plays the character Charlie Babbit?
    Tom Cruise
    Dustin Hoffman
    Gerald Ford
    Morgan Freeman

2. What is Charlie's occpuation?
    tire salesman
    car dealer

3. What is the snack item that Ray must have twelve pieces of before bed every night?
    cheese balls

4. How much money does Ray think that a compact car costs?

5. Of the following, which is the time that Ray did NOT start flipping out?
    in the airport
    making pancakes
    when the hot water was running
    at the casino

6. Why do Charlie and Ray make a trip to Vegas?
    to count cards
    to meet somebody
    to play slot machines
    to go to K-mart

7. Finish this quote. Charlie told Ray 'Wait 'til I get back. The sign says _______?'
    don't run
    don't walk

8. What is the address of the K-mart store that Ray wants to visit to buy new boxer shorts?
    40 Burnett Street
    40 Oak Street
    400 Oak Street
    400 Main Street

9. How many fishsticks does Ray tell Charlie he has to eat for lunch?

10. What happens to Ray at the end of the movie?
    goes to a different institution
    stays with his brother
    goes back to the institution
    moves out on his own

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Compiled Jun 28 12