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Boy and Girl, The "Born Free" Lions

Created by DakotaNorth

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Boy and Girl The Born Free Lions game quiz
"This quiz is about Boy and Girl. These two lions played the parts of Elsa and her mate. Of course, there were other lions who played these parts, but these two are the most notable. Have fun!"

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1. How old were Boy and Girl when they were first brought to George Adamson for him to train for the movie "Born Free"?
    Nineteen months old
    Six months old
    Twenty months old
    Nine months old

2. Who were the original owners of Boy and Girl?
    Whipsnade Zoo
    The Emperor Haile Selassie, The Lion of Judah
    The Marchese and Marchesa Bisletti
    The Scots Guards

3. Where were Boy and Girl destined to go to after the filming of the movie?
    Whipsnade Zoo
    San Diego Zoo
    Rotterdam Zoo
    Philadelphia Zoo

4. What reserve were Boy and Girl sent to be rehabilitated?
    Kora National Reserve
    Lake Victoria National Reserve
    Serengeti National Park
    Meru National Reserve

5. How many cubs in all did Boy and Girl have together?

6. Boy attacked an 8 year old human boy.

7. Why was Boy removed from the reserve?
    He had killed too many cattle
    He was found emaciated with porcupine quills and severely broken foreleg
    He had killed a tourist
    He had a severly broken back leg

8. While Boy was recuperating, who was Boy's caretaker?
    Arun Sharma
    George Adamson
    Joy Adamson

9. What year was Boy taken to Kora National Reserve?

10. Boy was killed because he had became a man-eater.

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Compiled Jul 19 13