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1960s Television

Created by racemany2k

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1960s Television game quiz
"How well do you remember the 60s?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. On what show would you have followed the exploits of John Steed?
    'The Avengers'
    'Hawaii Five-O'
    'The Wild Ones'
    'The Untouchables'

2. From what mountain chain did the Clampetts, of 'Beverly Hillbillies' fame, hail?
    Great Smoky Mountains

3. What '60s series followed the exploits of Pete Malloy and Jim Reed?
    'Dark Shadows'

4. Buck Henry, trying to follow in the campy footsteps of 'Batman,' created this not-so-superhero?
    'Captain Nice' and 'Mr. Terrific'
    'Sergeant Mean'
    'Commander Hard'
    'Mr. Pooty'

5. Newsman Tim O'Hara passed off 'My Favorite Martian' as his Uncle _____.?

6. In 1960, a previously-seen 'reality show' began its successful run on CBS. What was it called?
    'The Neighbors'
    'Secret Friend'
    'Candid Camera'

7. Which of the following sci-fi TV series was NOT produced by Irwin Allen?
    'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'
    'The Time Tunnel'
    'Lost in Space'
    'The Twilight Zone'

8. What series began each week by seizing control of viewers' televisions?
    'The Outer Limits'
    'The Twilight Zone'
    'Night Gallery'
    'Dark Shadows'

9. What character declared: 'I am not a number. I am a free man!'?
    'The Rifleman'
    'The Prisoner'
    'The Sheriff'
    'The Fugitve'

10. 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' made its debut during the '60s, and is still popular today. Which of the following original cast members is NOT British?
    Graham Chapman
    Terry Gilliam
    Michael Palin
    Eric Idle

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Compiled Jun 28 12